Lynn @lynnb366

Horsham, PA, United States

Honest: Not sure if its due to my health issues or meds, but I really do not like me! I'm a quiet person, until you know me. Will do anything within my power for anyone just because I like to help. Just need to work on that self esteem issue.


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Julie @jewelgold
Have had Fibromyalgia for about 30years, now have PsA and the psoriasis is no...
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Erin @erin101

South Hill, VA, United States

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Glenn @glenn

Thatcham, United Kingdom

In 2005 I climbed a mountain to enjoy a beer with a pagan god statue, it was ...
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Marlyn @marl

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

I am 19 years old, I live in Paraguay. I was diagnosed with psoriasis 10 year...
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Chel @chel

Kalamazoo, MI, USA

I am a mom and a grandmother. I have palmoplantar pustulosis. I have had it p...
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Ruth @ruth89

London, UK

I have a very good sense of humour and can laugh at myself all the time- I am...
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Hannah @hannah4515
I am a single mam to 2 beautiful children . Molly who is 15 and junior who is...
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Michelle @michelle1021

Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...
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eva @ev1

Lakewood, CA, USA

I was diagnosed April 2, 2018 . It's has been tough dealing with it. Since ...
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Bonnie @BonnieV

Buffalo, MO, United States

Farm girl all the way.
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Mary @dreamymm

Telford, United Kingdom

Here to support my better half... "Sometimes we need someone to simply be th...
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Jade @jadeeuphemia

Salisbury, UK

Bubbly, fun, also lost and confused! Depression sufferer, psoriasis sufferer,...
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Jon @jon2

London, UK

Had Psoriasis behind and in my ears and slightly in my scalp since 1998. Stil...
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Paul @paul116

Falmouth, UK

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Alicia @alicia46

Elizabethville, PA, United States

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Stacy @S

Dublin, Ireland

I’m a hairdresser , love love love music especially rock used to play clarine...
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Gayle @gaylee51859

Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

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