Lynn @lynnb366

Horsham, PA, United States

Honest: Not sure if its due to my health issues or meds, but I really do not like me! I'm a quiet person, until you know me. Will do anything within my power for anyone just because I like to help. Just need to work on that self esteem issue.


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Roger @strongestform

Rockville, MD, USA

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Ellen @ellen04

Durban, South Africa

love to laugh and have fun but obviously I am also very stressed ..My psoras...
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GaryG @garyg

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Hi,I am m/49 Never had psoriasis in my life.I had Hep A&B vaccine in 2015 sug...
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Ava @ava1


Making healthier choices!
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Barry @barry59

Lubbock, TX, USA

I like playing my Gutairs when I am not itching.
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Linda @Linda1009

Zanesville, OH, United States

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DINO @dino

Fresno, CA, USA

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Ashley @ashley6896

Quincy, FL, USA

I am new on here and have suffered from psoriasis since I was a little girl i...
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Valeri @valeri

Lawrence, KS, United States

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Julie @jewelgold
Have had Fibromyalgia for about 30years, now have PsA and the psoriasis is no...
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Chel @chel

Kalamazoo, MI, USA

I am a mom and a grandmother. I have palmoplantar pustulosis. I have had it p...
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Patricia @pasttyann

Bermuda Dunes

Hi swf 47yrsold i have and it's been itching me a lot I have psoriasis and I ...
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Jinger @jinger

Tompkinsville, KY, USA

34 mother of 2. Engaged to a wonderful man. And should be living the all Amer...
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Margaret R @margaret2023

San Marcos, CA, USA

I am known by 8 different nicknames, depending on who is talking, That confus...
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Mimi @mimi1972
🌸Learning to accept and love the skin I am in🌸
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Gabriela @gabbybaez

Miami, FL, USA

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