Lynne @lynne1

Wales, United Kingdom

Psoriasis victim /charity runner 👟


Denise - When my legs were really bad I used to wear shorts to canoe and kayak keep your head up ignore th... More »
Sarah - This side of psoriasis is really hard to deal with. Loads of us just cover up to avoid the issue ... More »
Rosey - Had the fire comments too Lynne and worst it was constant for about a year ,was a horrible year ,... More »
Lynne - Have you heard of avenno moisturiser ? This is very good also x
Michelle - Thanks for sharing Lynne! I haven't used that method in a long time, but I have found it really h... More »
Sarah - Great tip to share Lynne! Yes I love oatmeal soaks and my psoriasis is definitely soothed by it. ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - I agree Lynn, i talk about it a lot to people without psoriasis and most know someone with it, i ... More »
Sarah - Absolutely, Lynne! I really agree. The cruel comments are so often born out of lack of awareness ... More »
Lynne - Thank you it definetly makes you feel better talking about it , I find a lot of people will just ... More »
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