Nan195 @lynnie

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I wake up happy every morning just grateful to be alive for another day with the ones I love, the blue skies and sunshine and a day to enjoy doing the things I like so much xo


john,darts vader - hello nan, i would send you my love and sadness, i am blocked from doing it for some reason?sorry... More »
Michelle - I hope your okay Nan! :)
Nan195 - Hi 👋 my P Family, Thanks for your warm messages, my phone and I are now okay. The rest did me g... More »
Susan - Nan how funny. I was just thinking that we haven't heard much from your lovely positive nature. ... More »
Sarah - Enjoy every minute, Nan!
Michelle - Wonderful Nan! Have fun and enjoy! :)
Julie - Happy New Year
Heather - Thanks Nan and to you too!
Susan - Back at you Nan. I think 2018 is going to be a very good year. Regardless of what's going on we... More »
Susan - Hey Nan... That's great. Must be fun with the grandkids. None for this momma yet, but one day I... More »
Janice - Wonderful, enjoy.
Sarah - Nice one, Nan, enjoy every moment! 💚
Deleted account - 11 f here and the sun is still asleep ,,brr
Susan - Happy Friday to you as well Nan. Cold and kind of damp here today too Otto. It's always a good ... More »
Michelle - Enjoy everyone! :) We have got a fair bit of snow today and much more on tap for the weekend. Its... More »
Rose58 - Morning Nan I have been up 30 mins and would like to go back to bed 😥 PLEASE! J/K tired but a... More »
Nan195 - Hi Susan, Now that would be a treat, we would bring the house down with our laughter and convers... More »
john,darts vader - great nan , south africa miss universe great ,have a great day too nan thank you :)
Nan195 - Hi Christine, John sent me his Diet and I followed Susan’s Positive Thinking Lifestyle, Both hav... More »
Janice - Love your warmth and sparkle Nan, enjoy your week.
Nan195 - Thank You for the compliments, it’s appreciated. I try to see the positive in most things. Tole... More »
Janice - Great! Family time, you just can't beat it, have a wonderful time.
john,darts vader - have a great weekend nan,sorry didnt see this post earlier :)
Lorna Penner - Enjoy your time with family Nan!
Susan - Hey Mickg48... Welcome back. I was actually thinking staph infection when I saw your pics... Gla... More »
Susan - Nan195 I agree. We are so open here, it would be nice to know what Flayms ideas and plans are. ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Mickg48, happy you’re back and wishing you a speedy recovery 🌹
Nan195 - So far I'm clear. John and Susan your diets have worked along with wearing gloves when I have to... More »
john,darts vader - thank you nan, we definitely need a flaky holiday together all of us , i keep doing lottery,who k... More »
Susan - I'm so happy for you Nan... It's a good life and one that we need to embrace. Yes john... You wi... More »
john,darts vader - hello chris, thing is some people seem different, i just steer clear of anything citrus,think it ... More »
mark - does it work for all ages ?
Paul - sounds delicious as well as healthy Nan :) Thanks for the tip , will have to try one
john,darts vader - hello nan, i do vitamins aswell as alkaline diet and my 2 to 3 litres of filtered water a day, th... More »
Sarah - Ive been reading lots about gut health. Much of the literature seems to suggest a 4 step gut heal... More »
Susan - Sarah I didn't do any of that. I literally eliminated the foods I've already talked about, start... More »
Flaym - A live chat room can easily be flooded thus making it harder to have a meaningful conversation. B... More »
Susan - Flaym I think Nan195 suggested birthdates more so because we encourage each other on the site in ... More »
Kim - Disclosing your birth date on a public forum is asking for trouble. Those of us that live in a co... More »
Bonnie - Nan, you are so sweet! We are all in this together.
Nan195 - Together we stand, divided we itch, scratch and stress alone 🌹
Maria Corazon - Happy to have all of you you make me smile even though it so itchy my whole body.
Mike - Yes i agree Susan positive thoughts,it took alot of brain power for me to accept what i have,the ... More »
Janice - Thanks for the recipe Susan.
Susan - Mike there are so many things that can stress us out. Even good things. I can get a bit hyper w... More »
Janice - Thanks Nan and the very same to you too. I hope your date went well Susan.
Susan - Thanks Janice... It was a great date! Very nice guy and has gone through puberty. Thank God! B... More »
john,darts vader - good susan, glad hes gone through puberty haha :) that's me on the chopper who replied to you on... More »
Susan - Don't know Lisa but blessings to you both!
Jennifer - Awesome! My girls are 5 and almost 4, yes defienetly a lot of work lol enjoy! 😊
Jullie - Have fun with your grand babies my friend.🙂
Cheryl - Enjoy the time with them. I love having my grandkids around me although it gets a bit hectic when... More »
john,darts vader - sounds good cindy,its been around that temperature today though its humid sweaty heat not dry hea... More »
Harold - HI Nan. I'm back as well after having experiencing cable theft in our area.
Maria Corazon - I'm alone in the house my son and daugther in law goes to work fr 8:30 thru 7 pm I see to it that... More »
chris - sounds good
Flaym - Hi folks - thanks for reaching out on this! We already have group chat room functionality on our ... More »
jade - that sounds good ,i am in lol.
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