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Dublin, Ireland

I have always suffered from psoriasis and its flare ups..I also suffer from COPD and have reduced lung function..I do not let these things stop my life.Life is for you to live and make of it what you want. Modern medications are very good .


Claire - Hello Michael - I've found that some people respond to my posts will all four emoticons! I don't... More »
Joe - Goodday mate haha 😄.
Lady - Good Day to everyone out there!!!!😉😉😉
Claire - It's a happy and HOT Friday here in California with a high of 110 degrees expected! Everybody st... More »
Nancy - Biologics !!! No diet, spices, oil, tar etc going to work. Diagnosed with PsA.. the anti-rheumat... More »
john,Hulk - Glad medications helped you Nancy :),I just think a lot of people are a bit scared of using drug... More »
Michelle - I agree with John. This site has helped many to overcome their fear of having Psoriasis and to fa... More »
Mishlyn - Tai Chi is also very good Michael. Many great utube videos out there. Meditation can be quite hel... More »
Diana - When I need motovitation I make list, sometimes very long list. It gives me great satisfaction to... More »
Deleted account - As Mishlyn says, Tai chi, Qi gong, mindful meditation...
michael - Thanks to all for their responses .I am now in a better frame of mind and my pain and itching ar... More »
michael - Thanks to all for their responses .I am now in a better frame of mind and my pain and itching ar... More »
Rachel - I finally gave in at 48 and take a mild Anti Depressant. Diet and and exercise definitely help. ... More »
Mike - They work by helping the body to produce Vitamin D which is good for helping to heal up your pso.... More »
Diana - Hi Michael, I found light therapy works very well whether I used a tanning bed or just spent ti... More »
Nan195 - I personally have never used lights but I do lap up the South African sunshine almost every day 🌞
michael - Today was a tough day with a lot going on in a family way. I can feel the strain and the stress ... More »
michael - My psoriasis is starting to flare up again;I can feel that itchy uncomfortable feeling and the wa... More »
john,Hulk - hello Michael, I find a lot of the itch is almost under the skin if constant,i am sorry about thi... More »
Susan - Hi Michael. I not only have psoriasis but other autoimmune disease. I'm a huge advocate for die... More »
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