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Ellen - I have vicious night sweats & day sweats change in P... in fact P came a few years after I ... More »
deborah - I went through menopause symptom free also, but it was about that time that my P started...
Clint - The key there is sweating out toxins and again that's where lemon 🍋 helps both combined are a win... More »
Madmum007 - Millionways where are you getting Triancinolone acetonide with acetic acid eardrops from?
A - Hi Madmum, I live in the Nehterlands. My general practitioner gives me a prescription and I can g... More »
Lindakay1948 - Warm Olive Oil...always warm use an eye dropper and put cotton over it and just relax
Madmum007 - ooh, have I started something on here !!! I'll pass on all the information :)
Sarah - Information is the key!
Lawrence - I've been taking high doses fish oil alongside evening primrose oil daily for the past 10 months ... More »
Madmum007 - I also got some castor oil, but I'll use that next week, I'll change oils weekly so scalp doesn't... More »
Mishlyn - Sweet madmum!! That's great it worked so quickly for you! Very nice :) Good idea to rotate oils!!
Dominic - Childs farm baby moisturiser is good but end up smelling like grapefruit and less itchies
steve - I add ginger, pineapple, and turmeric juice to homemade kombucha and I believe it put me in remis... More »
Mishlyn - Oohh that sounds lovely for your scalp madmum! Let us know how it works for you. I add ginger to ... More »
Sarah - Yes I use fresh ginger root in my juices. I often use a combo of carrot, beetroot and ginger with... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋
Sarah - I never make homemade salves! But I am thinking what I can do with all the lavender oil I have in... More »
Fluke - Lavender oil as Sarah says! I also stopped washing my hair using bought hair products. For a whil... More »
James - It can sometimes stain clothes but a wee spot rub with pre-wash then bunging a capful in the drum... More »
agb - I had that happen to me last year. I ended up putting almond oil on my scalp all day and then gen... More »
Mishlyn - I just discovered almond oil agb, it is great. I use it on my skin with tea tree oil and Lavender... More »
Mishlyn - I agree with Susan Madmum, let it dry and then put something soothing, aloe is so healing and soo... More »
Sarah - Yeowwwch Madmum! I used to do this too. My poor skin. And your poor skin! But the temptation is s... More »
carol - I have used several treatments on my scalp over the yrs. All eventually stopped helping. Then m... More »
Madmum007 - The vitamin D I think is worth a try Sarah, I use the soft gel capsule. I put a pin in it & squee... More »
Althea5 - Best is SESAME OIL...does the work from inside!
Sarah - Some people with autoimmune disease have sensitivites to seeds and seed oils, but if you can tole... More »
eric - has anyone have their palms peal,, this is the second time in 4 months,, healthy skin underneath
Lindakay1948 - Honestly Eric when my Pustular Psorasis erupts on my hands and feet I can only pray that it would... More »
Jim - My hands peel all the time, the blisters never go away on my hands, and that's no good as I am a ... More »
Jessica - Oh no! Hope you get to feeling better
Mishlyn - Aww sorry to hear that. Happy you are a bit better today and hopefully even more so tomorrow!
Sarah - Ah no hope it improves for you Madmum!
Susan - Well Madmum, I guess you never know until you try it. Good for you for declining the steroid cr... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym! Yes I bet it would in the sense that it is a moisturiser and barrier cream I gu... More »
carol - I use equal amts of peanut oil and mineral oil and then I throw in some [...] ointment. It is ki... More »
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