Mally @mally1


Hi all be positive there will be a cure


Michelle - Hi Mally. I'm sorry you're feeling down. P can make us miserable I know. I've been there, but onc... More »
Peter - Hey Mally , Michelle is right, also add Turmeric (good to help reduce inflamation) to your diet w... More »
Genevieve - Hi Mally, I know how you can get to that place...psoriasis can make me feel utterly miserable. It... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Mally, I am happy to hear the oil bath is helping you! You can buy the oatmeal bath packets if... More »
Simon - When I have a flare up I do a week of baths with dead sea salt, Aveeno oil and then moisturise wh... More »
Sarah - That sounds like a great approach, Simon!
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