Claire @mamaclaire

Fresno, CA, USA

Single mama directing my little California circus with a bit o' psoriasis thrown in for levity.


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deborah @deborah4

Halifax, NS, Canada

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Christy @christy821

Suffolk, VA, United States

Mom of two grown boys, 3 fur babies and a wonderful hubby!
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Jane @janehoney

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi hello thank you... 😁
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Alina @ali
Awake I Pso since 2006 I Recovered from severe Pso covering 80% of my bod...
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Ruben @ruben

Zulte, Belgium

Love music (listening and playing) love food (eating and cooking)
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James @james892

Alamo, CA, USA

I'm James Truman , Investment consultant
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Marie1 @marie11521

Tulare, CA, United States

I hve been fighting psoriasis since before time or as it seems ' I hve it in ...
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Gabriela @gabrielabee34

Fresno, CA, United States

23 year old psychology student dealing with Bipolar 2 and Psoriasis. Guess no...
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Corinne @corinne2

Fresno, CA, United States

I'm friendly and a loving person and I love to laugh.
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Felix @felixm1

Fresno, CA, USA

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Claire @claire12352

Liverpool, UK

Retired but active , Nordic walker .. grandmother , quizzer love my plants an...
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Sid @sid
I didn't realise how much having psoriasis actually affected me till it start...
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dave @daveh

Chester, UK

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Joy @joy697

Grover Beach, CA, USA

Nothing funny
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Michelle @michelle1021

Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...
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steve @beachbum

Cypress, TX, United States

Recently found something that might have cured my psoriasis. Trying to help ...
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