Mandy @mandie

Coventry, United Kingdom

I'm a housewife have a lovely husband,been together for 32 years don't have any children but I have a lovely Bichon Frise dog 🐶 and have got a shih tzu,we love our holidays in the uk with the dogs love reading and cooking


RIAZ - Hey Mandy, I have had P for 30 years. This year its really bad. Crusty and it hurts to walk. NHS ... More »
Mandy - Hey Riaz I know what you mean,the doctor will only give me creams,they don’t work,they have never... More »
RIAZ - I have been given creams before and some work and some don't. You gotta have creams, even just aq... More »
Mandy - Thankyou Sarah,hope your son gets better soon,and that you will ok
Mandy - Thankyou Susan I will think about what you have said,will be in touch soon
Mishlyn - I hope you are on the mend now Mandy! This years flu is seeming to last extra long. Get Well soon... More »
Sarah - Glad it's helping, Mandy, I've not heard of that one before.
Jayne - Epaderm is prescribed by dermatology nurse - it is one of the best creams I have used.
Nan195 - I’m happy for you Mandy that it’s working Mandy and wish you well 🌹
Robert - Wishing you the same :)
Susan - Back at you Mandy. Here in Vernon, BC Canada it is pretty mild. A bit damp but nice. Have a go... More »
Nan195 - Have a fabulous day Mandy, It's going to be 32C here today...everyone come on over for Sunshine ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Mandy, days like this are not only fun but also rejuvenating, I'm happy you had a great time... More »
Susan - Good for you Mandy. Walk tall, and enjoy every moment. You never know when the end is going to ... More »
yves - salut mandy
Susan - Hope you have a wonderful sleep Mandy!
Nan195 - Sleep soundly till sunbeams find you 😴
Mishlyn - Hi Mandy, I am happy to hear things are looking up for you :) It can be hard to get back up from ... More »
Mandy - Thankyou everyone much appreciated for listening 😊😊
john,Hulk - welcome back to flaym mandy, been a while .glad the skin is looking better for you and that you a... More »
Mickg48 - Hi Mandy try using Vaseline it takes the itch away rub it in pretty thick yes it's messy but will... More »
Sheri - Coconut oil is also a good alternative moisturizer I use it and it really seems to help
Kelly - I'm so sorry! That is terrible. You need to get out for at least a little while.
Mandy - Hello John thanks for that I will give that ago I do drink bottled water but not that much a day,... More »
john,Hulk - you are welcome mandy,it was a little hard at first but now, its so easy, got used it within a we... More »
Harold - HI Mandy. I see your post is 25 days old. Hoping that you're feeling much better by now. I've als... More »
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