Margaret R

Margaret R @margaret2023

San Marcos, CA, USA

I am known by 8 different nicknames, depending on who is talking, That confuses other people, so I tell them “ Call me anything, as long as it is to lunch on time.”


Jen - That's ok Margaret. We can all read your posts. So glad you are happy and doing so well.
Michelle - You are mist welcome! I love seeing people this happy. :)
Rosey - Love a great outcome Margaret. Makes us all feel good
Sarah - That is awesome!
john,Hulk - Great news Margaret , well done :)
Margaret R - Thank you
Margaret R - thank you
Lorna Penner - Just lemons from the grocery store..
Margaret R - Thanks, Laura
Margaret R - I take probiotics, but don’t know about the “pre”. Will talk to my daughter in law about that. Th... More »
Sarah - First time for everything Margaret R! Welcome to Flaym. You will for sure learn a lot about psori... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Margaret. Was there a big change in your life that could have triggered psoria... More »
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