Mariebar @mariebar

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We all do our best to fight the good fight in this challenge. Sometimes it's with her but mostly it's for her ....


john,DARTS VADER - wow that's good mariebar :) its good you have been with her with changes by doing the detox,most... More »
agb - Yeah!
Susan - Never tried linseed oil but I do know that it has benefits for joints.
Deleted account - Never used Linseed oil but have and do use cold pressed organic hemp oil, the culinaty stuff...if... More »
Susan - I've not heard of that but why not try. However, if you haven't seen my posts I'll tell you that... More »
john,DARTS VADER - hello susan, does that apply to gluten free pasta and gluten fee bread aswell,i have always been ... More »
Susan - Hi john... I have no idea to be honest about the gluten. I just cut it out completely. Wasn't h... More »
Teresa - We all have good/bad days with Psoriasis... I was blessed enough to find a group of very acceptin... More »
carlos10 - id be more than happy to help just message me if you can convince her... good luck!!
Susan - Mariebar at that age it can be tough... I guess it all comes down to how badly she wants to be ri... More »
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