Mark @markcoruk

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Veteran of psoriasis the best is yet to come :)


Michelle - Good Morning Mark 🌞 Hope everyone has a great day!
Sarah - Morning Mark! Good to see you!
lisa - sudocrem is good
Michelle - Hi Mark, my husband gets bad eczema in the winter and his hands and fingers a lot of small cuts a... More »
Susan - Wish I had a quick fix answer Mark. I want to know too. Paper cuts are awful and with this dry ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Good for you - the more I research veganism and its benefits, the closer I get to becoming one my... More »
Richard - Mark I doing the same and the last month starting to see some improvement. My biologic is every o... More »
Rani - are there any side effects of this biologic injections that you know of
Nicola - Good morning Mark and the sun is shining 😁
Sumonds (SUE) - Sun shining in South Wales too 😃
Bev - Morning Mark from sunny SA as well
Bev - Sorry I missed your good morning this morning but I had internet problems. So for me now it's Hav... More »
Geraldine - Good morning from Australia
Geraldine - I got that too Ruben lol
Jessica - Good morning!
Bev - Evening Mark it's been a beautiful day
amanda - Good morning mark :)
Sarah - Sending Saturday vibes, Mark!
Bev - Afternoon Mark
Bev - Happy beautiful day to you too Mark
Nan195 - Enjoy your day...TGIF👏🌹
Sarah - Happy Friday, Mark!
brenda - had second infusion. all itching and scales gone. hope it continues to work for me
Rita - What are you taking — just the letter...
Rita - What are you taking — just the letter...
Terri1020 - Good morning Mark from snowy NJ. Wishing you nothing but sunshine and rainbows!
Michelle - And to you as well Mark! 🌞
john,AQUA MAN - evening mark,i shall lookforward to spring when the sun is warm, the birds are singing and the s... More »
Mark - I buy a box of 30 and have one a day. Or sometimes more. I feel happier and more calm. So it must... More »
Sarah - Never heard of this one, Mark! Mushrooms just have the best names don't they. Glad it's making yo... More »
amanda - Same 2 u :)
Ellen - Aww thanks amanda.
Sarah - Love to be greeted by a virtual group hug Mark!
Michelle - I am a fan of sour as well :) May have to give it a try! :D
Sarah - Really interested in this Mark! Steve on here has been posting about his kombucha and water kefir... More »
Joan - interesting, never heard of kafir but will track it down. Thanks Mark.
Bev - Morning Mark I'll definitely be fighting my cravings today as I've started the cleanse diet. Hopi... More »
Sarah - Go Bev! You got this!
amanda - Good morning mark :)
Mark - Morning :)
Michelle - Good Morning Mark 🌞 Hope you have had a Happy beautiful day!
Cherryl - Diet and supplements help me
Michelle - Hi Mark, I think the biggest difference I have made is changing my thought process. Taking away a... More »
Mark - Funny you should say that Michelle. I think anger plays a part. My psoriasis used to be so red. N... More »
Bev - Good morning Mark a happy day to you and everyone else too
Susan - Happy Day to you Mark. Busy, but wonderful day ahead for me. :)
Bev - Afternoon Mark Have a awesome day
Susan - Good afternoon. I'm still in my pjs working from home. Only 9:15 am. LOL. Gotta love the diff... More »
Bev - Happy Day Mark
Michelle507 - It’s tea-time now so have a great evening instead 😊
Sarah - You too Mark!
Michelle - Hi Pnina. I used to get P on my scalp whenever I started stressing. I used a shampoo called Denor... More »
Pnina - Is that at chemists 😊
Michelle - Yes you can buy that from a chemist, but there are other products as well that you can use. Lucki... More »
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