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Michelle - Hi Marmara. Like Million, I listen to my body. I had a chocolate yesterday as I felt tired and ne... More »
john,Hulk - I wish i knew though i eat healthy all the time, it does help my joints, I let my hair down last ... More »
Linda - Yeah it sure is unpredictable
JODI - thank you Michelle :) :) :) will keep you guys updated .
Michelle - Marmara, have patience and you'll see. Sarah@sarahuk is our food elimination queen on Flaym, mayb... More »
Sarah - Mine builds up long term. I don't really get many instant reactions from stuff, as I have learned... More »
john,Hulk - That i wouldnt know as i dont know my mothers side of the family,mine was passed from my mother s... More »
Jill - Does anyone know how do to a lymphatic detox??
Marmara - https://www,google,es/amp/s/amp,mindbodygreen,com/articles/how-to-flush-your-lymph
Michelle - That's my girl :)
Mishlyn - So good to hear Marmara!! :D
Sarah - Yep Marmara, strep is a massive trigger for me too. I went to 80% coverage last year with it in m... More »
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