Matthew @matt1985

Teignmouth, United Kingdom


Deleted account - reason I asked because I have a friend here with copd and he is having shoulder issues , like i d... More »
Jeff - Yes, had recommendations for correct breathing. I’m 77 and gave up smoking 20 years ago after 40 ... More »
Deleted account - No Jeff you have not bored me at all. I'm the boring one , I say the same thing over and over. Ho... More »
Matthew - Must keep moving forward
Susan - Matthew Christmas was great her in Vernon BC Canada. Really cold here right now. My skin is fin... More »
Matthew - Glad you are ok,happy new year to you
Sarah - Hi Matthew, happy resting! Giving yourself a breather has got to be a great thing for your skin.
Matthew - It so has,just moved back into the house after renovating so it’s now rest rest and rest
Mishlyn - Happy to hear it Matthew! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)
Matthew - Will have to try the thermals,the meds are strong to holt the arthritis so if you throw in loads ... More »
Sarah - Hopefully the dancing at the party will loosen your joints up!
Matthew - It did help but paying price today
Sarah - Hi Matthew, a double whammy, you're in the right place here amongst fellow Flaymers! Many of us h... More »
john,Hulk - hello mathew and welcome to flaym, i have both aswell, i control them with diet/lifestle changes,... More »
Michelle - Welcome Matthew. You have joined an awesome group.
Deleted account - all of me does , I don't like cold. Ice only belongs in your drink
angel - Seems to get to most of us. Have friends and family have to mive from alaska because of the cold
Mishlyn - Mine as well. These Canadian winters can be pretty harsh...but I still wouldn't change them one b... More »
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