Matty @matty1

London, United Kingdom

Guttate psoariasis all over body since September 2017.


Sarah - Hi Matty, I have been wondering how you were getting on and so happy to see this post today! Wooo... More »
Matty - Love the recipe. Will try that out on Sunday. Thanks for all your help Sarah
Sarah - Let me know if you enjoy them, Matty! (ASDA do good price for Whitworths dates, they are nice and... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Matty, I am not sure of a p specific cookbook, but *The Whole 30* has some really great recipe... More »
Sarah - Hey Matty! I really like to use The Autoimmune Pale-o cookbook by Mickey Trescott. That's how I'm... More »
Eve - But anyone on here with guttate should read into it 😊.i was willing to go private to pay to have ... More »
john,Hulk - i would have my toe nails removed if it could rid of it :)
Matty - I haven't had any big findings... except eating chick peas, broccoli and lentils leads to some me... More »
Jeanette - Coconut oil is very good. Also mixed with fresh Aloe Vera. Buy a plant. Scrape it. Keep the... More »
Jeanette - There is a very good li nic in London If you Google their link. They have a free book you can do... More »
Jeanette - So sorry . My typo mistakes. CLINIC”
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