Mavis @mavis

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Quite accident prone


Mavis - I haven't done anything about it either Rebecca as I've to much of others things going on. Also ... More »
Rebecca - I have it on the back of my hands forearms, shoulders , ankles and starting to go up my shins. I... More »
Mavis - I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca. Nothing worse than the itching. You end up scratching and then ma... More »
Michelle - Wonderful Mavis. Everything will be okay now that they have eventually started :)
john,Hulk - :) :) Great Mavis , :)
Mavis - Thankyou Michelle and John. I'm glad you said eventually Michelle lol. It's only about a year lat... More »
Mavis - Thankyou all for all of your comments. It means a lot to me. They are supposed to be coming tomor... More »
Maureen - Hi Mavis, I am sorry for what you have had to put up with in your home. I only got my P when I wa... More »
Mavis - Thankyou Maureen I'm sorry for what you are going through. It sounds very painful. I agree with y... More »
Bev - It's so annoying how quickly it comes back with poor eating but takes double the time to heal wit... More »
Mavis - Thankyou Beverly 💗
Mavis - Thankyou Sarah and Michelle I ate a lot of biscuits, pizza which I don't normally eat because of ... More »
Mavis - Mine as well Sarah they forecast it in my area and they weren't kidding. Hope this weather clears... More »
Mavis - Think you have to be sometimes Michelle otherwise you end up feeling depressed. I've been there a... More »
Mishlyn - That is so true Mavis 😊💖 Good stuff!
Mavis - About two months ago I had flakes on either side of my nose. Tried several things but nothing wo... More »
Sarah - Wow Mavis, thanks for sharing that one! Never heard of it but sounds like it's working for you, t... More »
Mavis - You can get it on Amazon Sarah it's only through an email that I found about it
Mavis - Thanks Lorna I've had brilliant advice from everyone and it's good to know that I'm not the only ... More »
Ginger - What is the hyaluronic acid and the oil and where do u get it?
Mavis - Hi Ginger sorry I don't know what hyaluronic acid is I am going to ask at the health shop hopeful... More »
Mavis - Thankyou Sarah 😊
Michelle - Mavis, I love the country side. Never been a city girl (with good reason) and I would love to see... More »
Mavis - It is not a city girl either I love the country and the valleys
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