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Md - I have been using olive oil in cooking since last 2 years, but not eating olives
Md - I started L- glutamine, hope it will help a lot
Michelle - I only use olive oil sometimes but will start using it more often thank you Dakeyras and Md. Go... More »
Susan - Yum. I love it. Aye it wit bratwurst just last night.
Madmum007 - Love, Love, Love sauerkraut, a little of what you fancy does you good
James - For P, no, cause it tastes good, yes.
Sarah - Good idea leaving it Md! Great for energy but not great for histamine and sugar...
Linda - Great to know thank you for sharing!
Sarah - That's so cool Md, so you use powder? Where do you buy it?
Md - I bought from iherb Japan, online store.
Jen - Same here Ava. My dad always cooked the rice in our household and told us to always wash the ric... More »
Michelle - My parents and family does the same Jen. Rinse it till the water is clear. Brown rice has never g... More »
Sarah - White rice yes! Good for you Md, that is awesome. Will you continue to introduce things, or are y... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ava , i have been tested but i am not gluten intolerant but if i stuff myself on gluten an... More »
Susan - Not this momma Md... I don't get anything gluten free as it's processed. If I REALLY want noodle... More »
Sarah - I have eaten rice noodles once or twice in the past year but not wheat noodles. I don't eat glute... More »
Sarah - I haven't eaten any rice for 6 months, but I have reintroduced in small amounts only in the past ... More »
Ava - These days I'm more concerned about healing my gut, but the truth is that I love white rice and d... More »
john,Hulk - Yes, I have been eating brown rice all the time for the last year and half, i used to eat white b... More »
Md - I bought powder from online shop in Japan
GITTL - easy to grow your own even on a window sill and if you add it to fresh juice, i did apple, right ... More »
Mishlyn - Great to know! When did you start it md? I hope it can be helpful! Gittl, how long have you b... More »
Peter - Very interesting, keep us posted
Angie - Can you provide a link to this paper?
Md - The link is prohibited here, you can search in google, a lot of papers published regarding ursoli... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Md, take calcium supplement, in the form of a pill :)
Sarah - My GP has told me if I don't eat much or any dairy I need to supplement it in my diet. I'm in a d... More »
Mishlyn - I am able to have goats milk and cheese without my skin reacting md. I should probably look into ... More »
john,Hulk - You can do this at home Md, why waste money, you got flaym, i could give you a diet/lifestyle pla... More »
Bill Holder - what worries me about places like that is the effect on the patient if they don't work. I have ba... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Bill , there is no cure, you are right there, to heal for better yes i can agree on that,it... More »
Sarah - Not heard of this one, Md! Have you tried it?
Md - Hi Sarah, I did try.
Md - It should be, I did not try. I'll try later.
Sarah - With the autoimmune protocol that I am following, this type of thing is not recommended for autoi... More »
Marisa - In my experience if you are dealing with trying to clear Psoriasis, dietary changes need to be do... More »
john,Hulk - Good way to go Marisa, processed stuff is bad , i eat a lot of things but, its clean, no packets ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello MD ,steroids would sure clear mine but after 30 odd years of it, i rather not now , some sa... More »
Susan - Md I'm with john... Did the steroid thing for many years. The side effects are long lasting and ... More »
Sarah - I have used antifungals before when I was a teenager and my psoriasis wasn't properly diagnosed a... More »
Linda - Homeopathy is great and has cured most of my psoriasis. I am now on Graphites 30C and the rest ... More »
Linda - I have been a psoriasis sufferer for 30 years and have done all the holistic stuff and tried mori... More »
Md - Thanks, Linda, I heard from some Indian friends about the success of Homeopathy. Now I am trying ... More »
Ruben - Hey MD, nope, soy contains estrogen mimicking stuff, not good for men..
Susan - Md I tend to stay away from soya products. It's pretty processed by the time they are done with ... More »
Sarah - Me too Md I avoid soy where I can. I do like soy sauce and used to eat this now and again on chin... More »
Sarah - Oh no Md, so sorry your flare up came. I think they usually say that reactions would occur most l... More »
Susan - Md I don't even take probiotics anymore as capsules. Nor vitamins. I only have my Moringa powde... More »
Susan - Md not sure to tell you the truth. I don't have dairy but a great probiotic is yogurt sooooo??? ... More »
Sarah - It is confusing isn't it because yogurt and milk kefir are meant to be great for your gut, so it ... More »
Ruben - To be tested individually I guess. When I consume milk or cream my skin reacts quickly. But when ... More »
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