Meaghan @meaghan

Halifax, NS, Canada

A 32 year old flaker who is living the dream, with both psoriasis and early menopause


Clint - Rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab helped me whe I had some in my hair line
Meaghan - Neem oil tends to have a bit of a garlicky scent (I can handle it myself) but if you don’t like i... More »
Sarah - Ooo that sounds soothing Meaghan! Especially when warm!
Susan - Nice concoction Meaghan. Hope it helps.
Mishlyn - So great to hear Meaghan! It sounds amazing! I would love the recipe as well if you are able to g... More »
john,Hulk - Fantastic :)
Bev - That sound fantastic
john,Hulk - indeed, i have had nearclear ups in the past but never cleared and i was ,not advertising this,sm... More »
Kim - Does it work
Meaghan - @kim3 It does! (At least I think so lol) it's very soothing
Liz - Ew. There needs to be an easier way 😁
john,Hulk - i know but, there isnt one yet,may get a reply back from flaym to say, its one of those things we... More »
john,Hulk - facebook you can which is ok,put something that most dont agree on and get facebookers abuse at ... More »
Aleksandra - Where can I buy this product, I live in Croatia ??
Gary - I was Meaghan. Did the whole Dr Pagano diet for 3 months just after NYE, didn't work for me, just... More »
Trish - I will try anything for quality of life!
Meaghan - Thank you for the replies! Personally I think the most frustrating thing about psoriasis, or any... More »
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