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meika - Not pregs. So have to wait 8 weeks to be seen again. So P starts to come back and I get stressed... More »
Deleted account - Hi Meika, do you think its the stress of trying for a baby that has caused it or made it worse? ... More »
Sarah - Hey Meika, that sounds really hard. And stressful. Do you have a fertility consultant? And dermat... More »
Kim - Have you recently had a sore throat?
meika - No. Find it weird it was going really well. Could be something I ate, or the sun. To much sun I g... More »
Jorge Ayuso - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have got plaque psoriasis since 12 years ago and psoriatic arthritis since 1... More »
Erin - I have severe psoriatic arthritis. Make sure you see a rheumatologist right away the sooner they ... More »
Chris - You have to get a Rheumatologist for the right meds. Home remedies might help. But it's like putt... More »
john,Hulk - hello meika,just email me here,if you are following me on here just go the envelope next to your ... More »
john,Hulk - i have sent you an email quick one meika, just reply on what you want to say thank you
Lorna Penner - Yes...I use tumeric in a cup of coconut milk (1-teas or less)--heated before bedtime. or in a po... More »
meika - I'm allergic to nuts and milk. So that's a big no no
john,Hulk - sorry about this meika, thats what i said to someone here once, get the itchy powder on them whi... More »
Iva - I was on UV before 7 years ago but my hospital was far away and I supposed to stay just 45 sec be... More »
meika - How much is sun angle. And do you use the cream as I think the lotion is making it worse. Plus ... More »
Karon - I found that light therapy worked well while I was on it but as soon as I finished my psoriasis c... More »
Lorraine - Karen, what type did you use at the hospital. The one I have always used is where you have psoral... More »
Lorraine - Sorry Karon auto correct on phone changed your name.
meika - I leave in the UK. So dnt get much sun at the moment. Plus we're getting weird weather mild one d... More »
meika - They came in rings. Like a spot in the middle and this thick red ring around it. It's weird. ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Weeeeel it could be, but better see a doctor to check You out.
john,Hulk - sorry hear that meika, i know what the itch is like, i hope you find something to help it,
meika - The uv bed works all my body is clear just get small spots come up know and again it's just my he... More »
erick - i think shen meant 2 hours in under sunlight haha
erick - no one should ever attempt to tan for 2 hrs in a tanning bed
Deleted account - Believe it or not it went completely for me and only returned after I had my son. However my fri... More »
meika - I'm ring up the company tomorrow to see if I can buy one. The complain to the hospital I'm not ev... More »
Deleted account - Good luck and I hope you get the support you need and you know where I am if you need to vent :)
meika - I'm on ciclosporin they work really fast. I came off of them for a week. Just happens that I had ... More »
Amanda - Yeah I was on Cyclosporine as well before pregnancy. I wasn't on any tablets during the pregnancy... More »
meika - Does said can course prem babies might be under weight. So it's not that bad. Just come off on... More »
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