melissa @melissa56

Mammoth Spring, AR, United States

i am funny sense of humor..


john,Hulk - thank you melissa, and happy christmas to you and your family :) , i am sticking with my flakey d... More »
Michelle - Thank you Melissa and to you and your family as well. Have a blessed festive season and be good. :)
Mishlyn - Thank you Melissa :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!
Mishlyn - Welcome back Melissa, sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hope you are feeling better!!
Deleted account - Hi Melissa, no need to apologise, as long as you are back with us and recovering too, all good.
melissa - Thank you all of you .. i am such relived hear from you... love you all ...
Brian - Try earth longevity, ive had p for 10 yrs and this cream has healed my p by about 50 percent and ... More »
Kim - Hi Melissa. A lot of us have cut out night shade plants and citrus fruit. Which has helped.
Susan - Well melissa you will find a wealth of suggestions here. The most common thing I am seeing is a ... More »
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