Melissa @melissa80

Sedalia, MO, United States


Sarah - That's tough. Maybe a chance to educate people? Not easy being the "example" though...
Jeri - I am usually asked if it's eczema. I reply that it's psoriasis and I am not contagious. This is a... More »
Roxanne - I told a rude lady thst I had leprocy.
Beth - I like Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion. I slather it on really thick then put a plastic bag over i... More »
kathy - my dermatologist was the one that said to cover my feet with the plastic wrap. I have used the v... More »
Laura - Hi, I just got my first sore on the bottom of my foot. Omg, it hurts to walk. It is thickening... More »
john,Hulk - hello melissa,i know about this melissa,dosnt make things better we know,psoriasis is from within... More »
Michelle - I know the feeling ive had mine since i was 5 its on a mad one at mo breaking out everywhere agai... More »
Melissa - i feel like i can never catch a break with my skin its always breaking open and bleed and hurting... More »
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