Michelle @melodie1

Diana, TX, United States

I'm 54, with an autoimmune illness, and haven't been diagnosed with psoriasis yet. I go to Dr in January and you can bet I will be. It's only on my forearms n wrists (thank God) but has severely changed my life. Ask me anything! I'm here too help


Sarah - Hi Michelle, a difficult combo of things for sure. The lack of sleep makes everything feel bigger... More »
Sanjay - Try Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion. Mine is cleared after 6 mths. Take one every... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Michelle, I am sorry to hear you have been struggling. I would highly reccomend moringa. If yo... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Michelle! A diagnosis can be a real turning point, into proactive management of... More »
Ruben - Welcome Michelle!
Michelle - Y'all are so kind!!
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