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I’m married with sons and grandchildren. I am in ministry serving Gods poorest in the squatters camps Saving lives through starvation. A calling from God many years ago.


Merle - Agree. However. What worries me is we need help with this condition and creams are not allowed to... More »
Susan - Merle we can't mention pharmaceutical creams publicly. But if someone has one that is working fo... More »
Merle - Thanks for your advice. I understand.
Merle - I have had this condition from early 2017
Kim - I don't have sores on my feet and hands. It's patches of peeling skin and it looks like a faint r... More »
Merle - I itched on my feet a bit. But not on my face.
Mishlyn - Happy to hear you are getting a break from the heat Merle!
Merle - Thank you. Cooler weather is best for me
Merle - Yes cooler weather is best for this condition.
Mishlyn - Your Welcome :) I think you will Love it! Feels so good going on hot skin. Hope it can help!
Merle - I know I will help. Thank you
Joan - Michelle I would like you to know that you are so positive and wise. Your comments are so helpful... More »
Merle - Thank you. Hate feelings like that.
Sarah - Merle, tomorrow is another day. Chin up lovely lady!
Merle - Thank you Sarah
Mishlyn - Hi Cherry, Coconut oil works really well for me as well. I like to play around with it adding dif... More »
steve - I think homemade kombucha with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric cured me. It might cure you too. I... More »
Susan - Merle I can only suggest diet changes. I also want to recommend renewing of the mind. I am cure... More »
Sarah - Hi Merle, so sorry to hear that, so disheartening to see coverage spreading like that. I've had t... More »
Don - go to your GP....get a referral to a dermatologist...and start from there. once you have options... More »
Merle - Thanks I will do that
Sarah - Hey Merle, so sorry to hear that! Turn that frown around and write down 3 tips from Flaym you cou... More »
Merle - So true. I will try. Thanks so much for your advice.
Sarah - That's excellent that you have things you are finding help with Merle. I've not had those symptom... More »
Merle - I have hayfewer Sarah
Merle - Hayfewer is a bad condition with psoriasis it’s not easy.
Mishlyn - Hi Merle, have you ever tried aloe vera gel? I find it very hydrating and helpful bringing my bod... More »
john,Hulk - that good merle, i am the other way round, i dont like it too hot though just warm is great, glad... More »
Cherryl - I'm the same Merle, I fair much better in a cooler climate 🙂
Cherie - I agree. It is going to be 41C here in Adelaide, tomorrow.
john,Hulk - hello merle, we are all different, some get it on the face some dont, i get it anywhere it wants ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Merle, I hope you are well. The face can be the hardest as it is something we cannot hide. I h... More »
Merle - I will try anything. Thank you.
Mishlyn - You are very welcome Merle! I hope it can be helpful for you!! :D
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