Michael @mi

St. Catharines, ON, Canada

Tired of hurdles


Michael - I think it's just sweet and regular peppers we have to watch out for?? I'm hearing the spicy var... More »
Sarah - Ah don't know Michael. I thought chilli peppers were a nightshade but I might not have that right... More »
Sarah - I see that "the chili pepper is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the night... More »
Stacy - I could be totally wrong here but reading people’s comments on posts it seems to me people must b... More »
Sarah - That's outrageous! That's for sure!
Becky - Never. I've people look and stare, but never asked to leave and I never would! I live swimming, a... More »
Angie - I have used cbd/Thc tincture and have used a roll on oil. Both seems to improve pain and itch. St... More »
Deleted account - You have to twist and shout just like the song goes. Mid torso is the major bottleneck
Michael - Damp is better than a Dry!! Winter!! Lots of white flakes In Canada and it ain't just snow!!!
Tammy - I am also from St. Catharines. Small world.
joanne54 - I'm from Calgary
...feeling frustrated Michael @mi

Deleted account - Ice is meant to be in your drink, not under your feet !!!
Bev - Yes John Shower 2mins next day basin wash. Collect shower water in buckets to flush toilets etc A... More »
john,Hulk - oh dear thats pants bev,some things we take for granted in life, makes one think about this in ot... More »
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