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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I like to joke about most things. Helps with stress etc


Deleted account - If I can find where I read it, I’ll post it...must be certain fermented foods...
Jenny - Hi there I s this for the itch or arthritis? Ive heard that fermented things are so good
Michael - I use fermented food for both skin and the arthritis
john,Hulk - a good angle grinder or disc cutter may do the job with bad toe nails :)
Timo - I've dealt with the lifting by keeping my toe nails trimmed well and cleaned out under the edge, ... More »
Sarah - Hi Michael, I rub a drop of oil (olive oil, tea tree oil, even vegetable oil) on each nail and pu... More »
john,Hulk - hello daya,does it work, its in pill form isnt it ? thanks :)
Michael - I understand the feeling. It's cold in australia and it makes things worse
Michael - Hi Hayden, I’m doing well thanks. Learning to manage the p. Going well at the moment. How are you?
john,Hulk - salads (no toms),theres more if thats the route you are going down, i havnt given up every thing ... More »
Michael - Thanks John. I have to give up smoking. Don't drink and really fix my eating habits and understan... More »
john,Hulk - you are welcome mike,ihave been doing e cigs for weeks now,its better than smoking health wise,ta... More »
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