Michael @michael2620

London, UK

Stressed-out psoriasis is now covering 85% of my body ouch


Mishlyn - That is amazing Michael! Not long ago your dermatologist sent you to emergency hospital! Congratu... More »
Sarah - Wow that's quite a turnaround! What is in this cream you've found? Awesome!
Ace - What's the name of the cream and oil.
natalie - please take me with you. thats some spot..👙🍹🌞
Bev1e - Hi Michael don't dispare , maybe now things will start to look up, once you get treatment from so... More »
Mishlyn - Epsom or dead sea salts in the bath are really soothing for me. I also like adding lavender esse... More »
natalie - how did they let u on that long. slowly but surely with sunbeds. mind yourself..
Michael - Yeah are usually take 20 minutes are used to go on them all the time I had really good skin one s... More »
natalie - i understand. and they are pretty addictive believe me i no. just do max ten mins maybe. u may re... More »
Sarah - That's a lot of showering! I think my skin would dry up like a prune if I showered that much! I s... More »
Sue - I also shower as little as possible and sponge bath in between.
Mishlyn - I am really happy to hear you are feeling better Michael😊 Showering is good foe me too. If I skip... More »
carol - The bios are certainly worth a try if only to get the flare under control. I am hoping for the b... More »
Michael - Thanks a lot I’ll try lemon 🍋
Sarah - Yes it does make it a lot worse for me. I think my skin is already "injured" and picking it cause... More »
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