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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I really...REALLY love wine...


Mary Kay - I take 600 mg of organic Turmeric w/5 mg of organic black pepper once daily. I am considering do... More »
Shawn - Mary Kay - Both holistic doctors I visited suggested turmeric curcumin with bioprine - I take it ... More »
Cheryl - I’ve been taking turmeric curcumin liquid capsules for about a week and already noticing improvem... More »
Susan - Michelle I have heard of it but I only use pink Himalayan salt. Apparently it actually brings "d... More »
Michelle - Hi Susan. That's right yes. Everything we need are on the planet. We just need to find the right ... More »
Kim - Kim -Thanks for info Michelle, I’m goong to SA in April, will get some at Woklies!
Connie - Wow, that sounds like a huge endeavor. I need to try this....just not sure where to start.
Sarah - It does sound a bit overwhelming. When I first got a book out of my local library about autoimmun... More »
Michelle - I have not tried it Michelle, but I have read some great things about it as well. I think I may t... More »
Michelle - Lol @ Michael. Yes we have and Woolworths is one of the TOP stores in South Africa. If one needs ... More »
Ellen - Thanks Michelle... will check in Woolies & PnP ..so will this replace salt in all that we cook ??... More »
Michelle - Morning Ellen. I only use Himalayan salt but one replace the table salt with either Himalayan or ... More »
Sarah - I haven't taken antibiotics in years but if I were prescribed them I think I'd run a mile and pro... More »
Cheryl - Unfortunately I suffer with chronic sinusitis and, try as I might, often have to have antibiotics... More »
Sarah - I don't get reactions to it! I use balsamic vingear even on my very strict autoimmune diet. I hav... More »
Jen - Hi Michelle I'm so sorry I've only just noticed my error. I read that you had a bottle of ACV is... More »
Michelle - Hi Jen. lol it's okay. I'm very well thank you and hope you are too? I haven't tried the Balsamic... More »
Lynn - You’re welcome. I know the dermatologist sent me information a few years ago for something, I thi... More »
Michelle - Thanx Lynn. Now this is one treatment I would love to get to know better. I'm a bit scared of med... More »
Susan - Probably costly Michelle. I never did it. The Frankincense would be my first course of action b... More »
Michelle - Lol. Yellow Ruben. I did not get some colour this weekend, but...I look like a BRAND NEW MICHEL... More »
Ruben - Great to hear that Michelle!!!!
Michelle - Yeah but it's a lot of work for a wash & go girl. I can't remember when last I pampered myself. I... More »
Michelle - Ellen, that is amazing news. The tar and horse shampoo is a good combination I think. I don't hav... More »
Sarah - My hair breaks too Michelle but that is from dyeing it for so many years! My hair is half and hal... More »
Shawn - I can assure you there is no shampoo that can expedite hair growth - prenatal vitamins can make i... More »
Michelle - Enjoy Michelle! That sounds like a wonderful getaway! I am a nature girl as well. I am blessed t... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Totally agree - the city stresses me out
Bev - Wow Michelle I love that place. Please give me have a para sail for me. Enjoy the quiet and the s... More »
Bev - Michelle Maybe look I Dis Chemgor gluten free coffee creamer. They have so much variety of glute... More »
Paul - Have seen an improvement in mine since stopping Gulten and also Sugar....There is a diet on the w... More »
Paul - thanks Paul, I'll have a look
Susan - John that's funny. Give us our daily bread. LOL. Biblically Jesus is our daily bread. Mic... More »
Paul - I wouldn't say it's out parents fault more than society as a whole and sa I said ( Marketing)buyi... More »
Susan - Yeah Paul. I honestly think cereal and milk for breakfast is such a horrible thing that we have ... More »
Michael - Today -6 in Toronto today!! Wish it was a chilly 18!! Lol
Michelle - Same here Michael! -24 this morning in Haliburton. I am so ready for spring!!
Bev - Yip in SA if it's windy we will wear a jersey to keep warm lol
Sarah - I think so! My mum has always been sad about my psoriasis. She doesn't have it herself but I thin... More »
Steve - It never really affected any family life when I was the only one affected, because I pretty much ... More »
Judi - Only when I cannot attend my grandaughter’s concerts because I cannot walk...
Sarah - You do eat it John! But in a sealed capsule!
john,darts vader - oh dear sarah , eat sh.t aaaghhhhhh,the thought ,i am special too michelle so i have been told in... More »
Michelle - Lol John. Yes John, you are very special indeed. All of my Flaker friends are special. We are one... More »
Michelle - always a pleasure. I actually thought everybody has used it before because SA is a bit slow and l... More »
Susan - Michelle I was actually going to try kelp but around the same time researched it vs Moringa and M... More »
Michelle - How could I only see this message now Susan? I'm not only 80% deaf in one ear but going blind too... More »
steve - I take a sublingual B-12.
Ruben - Yup, been taking it for a long time, helps a lot.
judi - Also Vitamen E and Lecithin
Geraldine - The last first aid course I did advised against that Steve Snake bites,spider ect I do take a... More »
Cherie - It is not recommended for psoriasis. It is the toxins from the body you are putting on very sore ... More »
Michelle - lol@Steve. I've watched it and it was funny. So a year after we watched that movie, my kids and I... More »
Geraldine - I use to, but I found a great little range of all natural vegan products which im happy with
Geraldine - I use coconut milk shampoo
Sandy - Bonnie, I have the same issues. New here so am just looking for ways to treat my itchy scalp. W... More »
Steve - Before the fact I didn't want too, for the fact that I wanted to have a child & I didn't want to ... More »
Michelle - I would as well, if he was a good person with a good heart..and if I was not married ;-) Lol
Michelle - Damn, us P sufferers are awesome. Looks don't matter to us. Wish the whole population could be li... More »
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