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Dawn - Good outlook Jill. Yes, my 'new normal', different for each of us.
Susan - Dawn You've had a rough go for sure. You are right though... Complaining doesn't help but I thin... More »
Michelle - We do indeed Susan and you are lucky to have one. You are both such strong individuals and positi... More »
Michelle - I assume so. Both have something for the emotions. Lol. Just wish they can say something. :)
john,Hulk - Well who knows, the whole family might be in here soon then strutting their emotions haha,, well ... More »
Michelle - We feel loved. :)
Michelle - Thank you Bev xx. You know what, I don't really stress about it as I know the right job will FIND... More »
James - Michelle, that's exactly how I think regarding my P, it is a shitty thing to have however there a... More »
Michelle - That's right James. Our P is a shitty thing to have, but the more we worry ourselves about it, th... More »
Susan - Michelle I think hope is all we have. That and unconditional love. Loving ourselves is key to l... More »
Michelle - Rani, that is excellent news! Well done ;) sugar is definitely bad for us. Glad to see you back o... More »
Jill - Hope is always on our side....never give up ..
Ellen - Michelle are you not looking a bit YELLOW ..... coz I know you sure aint feeling BLUE !!! ....
Michelle - Haha Ellen. Silly girl! I have to say that I was kinda looking yellow from the turmeric but the l... More »
Ellen - Just joking Michelle.... but all the advantages of using LEMON !!!
Psoriatic4good - Michelle... You silly girl :D Sex is harmful? Really? :D
Michelle - Lol. I won't really know P4G. Don't even know what it is anymore! But...I'm in very good shape. H... More »
Psoriatic4good - To be honest, after some sex sessions My P is starting to change color to pale red. It's relax... More »
Breda - Hi everybody I have head psoriasis and I only have psoriasis down one side of my body left side s... More »
john,Hulk - I am sure you are not ugly Breda, Someone will love you for who you are one day,Sorry about all t... More »
Michelle - I agree with John Breda and this coming from a man. You will find someone special and you won't f... More »
Glenn - Sue, sometimes my knees flare up with ps and the joint swells. But unfortunately for me, I have o... More »
Rosey - Sorry to hear Glenn,some people çop more than we deserve with other medical conditions on top of ... More »
Bryan - Hi Ann, try Cutivate cream great for sensitive areas. Good luck.
Chris - To be fair it did make me delve into all the different types of psoriasis didn't realise there we... More »
john,Hulk - Dont be Sorry Michelle, Its ones own choice to have a look, I decided not to and i know there are... More »
Chris - As John says don't be sorry I've seen worse .
john,Hulk - And you Michelle :)
Sarah - No Michelle I haven't but I'd love to! Knowledge is power 👊 I bet it could be beautiful in a weir... More »
deborah - No! show me
Michelle - I agree with you Robin. Life is short. We should enjoy life and what it has to offer. I have made... More »
Sarah - That scalp mix sounds great Casey. Thank you for sharing it. You have been through so much, let's... More »
Rosey - When Mum died suddenly last Sept ,I was so overwhelmed,Drank heavy for a month and it's the only ... More »
Ava - To oversimplify, homeopathic remedies are "those little drops in water." Many believe them to be... More »
Mishlyn - I don't know much about homeopathic medicine Michelle, but I sure am open to learning more. I am ... More »
Sarah - Not me, Michelle, I haven't! Not heard of it before...
Mishlyn - LOL John!! You may win an outrageous dance competition doing that! 🤣 Wow Shawn!! That sounds ... More »
john,Hulk - Haha,probably not Michelle :) yes i reckon so Michelle Mishlyn,I say dont knock anything unless ... More »
john,Hulk - I think its you myshlyn i saw on psoriasis support ? what do you think of that site? too many fla... More »
Clint - Psoriasis makes you humble Beating psoriasis makes you powerful Lemon 🍋 makes it possible.
Sarah - Yes I really feel that living with p makes me a more compassionate person 💚
john,Hulk - Hello Michelle, i dont think its made any difference to me though i think i have compassion for p... More »
Bev - Amazing Carolyn.
rachel - I've done this in the past and forgotten all about it. Think I'll start again. I used coconut oil... More »
Michelle - I'm also going to start with this therapy and see how it goes. Thanx guys.
Michelle - Peter is going to Poland in a few hours. I'm sure he won't mind if I send it to you later. Bev, R... More »
Ruben - I can imagine :)
Sarah - Dee-lish! Yum Yum
john,Hulk - No No, you have a sexy smile Michelle , so i wouldnt worry about that and dont worry about the an... More »
Michelle - Aww, Thank you for the nice compliment John. I will look for the skin toner and the socks and see... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Michelle :) Marilyn smurfie haha :)
Michelle - Good luck Justin. Hope it works for you too :)
Justin - I bought little bags of fresh turmeric from my local Chinese supermarket!
john,Hulk - Hopefully you see some results in time Justine, keep us updated :)
Clint - Ok let's here it...
Mishlyn - Glad you had a good time! Sounds like the turmeric paste is doing a good job helping calm your sk... More »
Michelle - Hey Sarah. I lip sync'd to "No Stress" by Laurent Wolf. Won a case beer but I don't drink beer so... More »
Mishlyn - So true Michelle. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ❤
Susan - I love it Michelle!!! I happen to love change! I love when I start to feel a bit uncomfortable ... More »
Clint - Well spoken and she's not joking 😎
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