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Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...


Ava - To oversimplify, homeopathic remedies are "those little drops in water." Many believe them to be... More »
Mishlyn - I don't know much about homeopathic medicine Michelle, but I sure am open to learning more. I am ... More »
Sarah - Not me, Michelle, I haven't! Not heard of it before...
Mishlyn - LOL John!! You may win an outrageous dance competition doing that! 🤣 Wow Shawn!! That sounds ... More »
john,Hulk - Haha,probably not Michelle :) yes i reckon so Michelle Mishlyn,I say dont knock anything unless ... More »
john,Hulk - I think its you myshlyn i saw on psoriasis support ? what do you think of that site? too many fla... More »
Clint - Psoriasis makes you humble Beating psoriasis makes you powerful Lemon 🍋 makes it possible.
Sarah - Yes I really feel that living with p makes me a more compassionate person 💚
john,Hulk - Hello Michelle, i dont think its made any difference to me though i think i have compassion for p... More »
Bev - Amazing Carolyn.
rachel - I've done this in the past and forgotten all about it. Think I'll start again. I used coconut oil... More »
Michelle - I'm also going to start with this therapy and see how it goes. Thanx guys.
Michelle - Peter is going to Poland in a few hours. I'm sure he won't mind if I send it to you later. Bev, R... More »
Ruben - I can imagine :)
Sarah - Dee-lish! Yum Yum
john,Hulk - No No, you have a sexy smile Michelle , so i wouldnt worry about that and dont worry about the an... More »
Michelle - Aww, Thank you for the nice compliment John. I will look for the skin toner and the socks and see... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Michelle :) Marilyn smurfie haha :)
Michelle - Good luck Justin. Hope it works for you too :)
Justin - I bought little bags of fresh turmeric from my local Chinese supermarket!
john,Hulk - Hopefully you see some results in time Justine, keep us updated :)
Clint - Ok let's here it...
Mishlyn - Glad you had a good time! Sounds like the turmeric paste is doing a good job helping calm your sk... More »
Michelle - Hey Sarah. I lip sync'd to "No Stress" by Laurent Wolf. Won a case beer but I don't drink beer so... More »
Mishlyn - So true Michelle. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ❤
Susan - I love it Michelle!!! I happen to love change! I love when I start to feel a bit uncomfortable ... More »
Clint - Well spoken and she's not joking 😎
Chris - That was what not shat *
Chris - One of my worse mis-spellings 😑
Michelle - Don't worry Chris. We understood what you said :) We all get our days :)
Michelle - Thank you Million. I love your dad's quote and it is so inspiring. We need to master the difficu... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle, I dont know about being wiser,? i will let you know about that in time hah... More »
A - Thanks, I will keep that one in my mind!
Michelle - Sarah, I've applied some today and will let you know by Monday what it looks like. So far, no irr... More »
john,Hulk - I take it Michelle, you like pokemon? :)
Michelle - Hahaha. No John. My grandson does and like a good granny, I support him fully. What we wouldn't g... More »
Michelle - Hi Sorry Jen. I was confused there. (as usual) Most shampoo's contain Sulphate (even shampoo's ... More »
Ellen - Michelle if you go to Dischem they sell PURE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER which is Sulphate free ......t... More »
Michelle - Great Thank you Ellen. It's good on the P I guess? Ok don't answer. Stupid question. Thanx Ellen,... More »
Michelle - I think SA is still on the organic type of food as we don't get it here.
Sarah - Nope absolutely not as that goat smell I can only stomach in cheese! And even then, I don't eat c... More »
Clint - Say cheese 🧀
Felix - Not really!! I cubes have a minor problem, they are just too cold! LOL
Michelle - lol. True Felix. I don't even swim in cold water. When we go to Cape Town for a holiday (which wa... More »
Sarah - Not me Michelle, but cold creams are awesome! That's a tip from Flaym many months ago!
Michelle - Erica. Did you use the No. 1? I went back to my chemist and they added 20% more tar in my aqueous... More »
Erica - Not sure Michelle, I just asked for the liquid coal tar, it was rather strong stuff. A few drops ... More »
Michelle - wow Erica. That is strong stuff girl. Be careful that it doesn't burn your skin. The coal tar yo... More »
Michelle - Ava. I love cocoa butter on my skin. Apart from the aqueous I use, I sometimes use the cocoa. Mi... More »
Madmum007 - I have had beeswax in 1 product, I was allergic to it :( odd as I love eating honey on my toast!... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Michelle, its not sticky at all. A tad greasy bc of the coconut oil. I keep adding more beeswa... More »
Rosey - Well got to try ,only been full on last 2 years,in that time tried alot,even made up porridge and... More »
Mishlyn - I was given bath salt scrubs for christmas called H20+ It was lovely, gentle and smells amazing!
Sarah - Urghhh can't do Dove for love nor money. Too perfumed for me! My skin hates it...
Michelle - I was 1. Lol. Shame Mavis, that is terrible news. I hope it will rain soon. I hate it when people... More »
Mavis - They haven't forecast any rain for us yet Michelle hope we will have some soon for the sake of al... More »
Michelle - I hope so too Mavis. :(
Jen - Michelle your recipe is not disgusting at all! You'll get used to it knowing that it's so healthy... More »
Mishlyn - Come on over Michelle! You have a place to stay with me anytime! 😃The move is going well, thank... More »
john,Hulk - I personally couldnt drink shakes,i need solid foods to fill me though its a good way of gettin... More »
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