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Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa


Sarah - Umm no but I mistook my own genital p for a number of things, and never realised that was what I ... More »
Steve - Most of the time I never let anybody get that close to it & see my issue, I just played the shy p... More »
Michelle - I think so too Michelle but, I will buy a book and read it. Coming from you, it must be worth it... More »
john,Hulk - I see Michelle, this is all too deep, i am a flakey boy and thats it haha :)
Mishlyn - Awe that is sweet if you to say, it really helps me Michelle. You could always youtube as well. ... More »
Chris - I'm a similar weight and height to John , I had my bmi done the over month and they said I was sl... More »
Michelle - P has never affected my weight as well. According to my bmi my weight is perfect.
Sarah - Yes I think sometimes we know when our weight is not right for us, and when it is right! BMI is a... More »
Maggie Chong - Interesting read.
Ruth - Thank you Michelle for writing that-its a very embarrassing condition to have.I avoid wearing dre... More »
Michelle - Awww that's great Ruth. Our kids do keep us young and I don't even feel 43. Sometimes, I behave l... More »
Mavis - Interesting thought Michelle I have never worn false nails. I've thought about it as my nails spl... More »
Susan - I actually did this Michelle. Years ago. Nails were horrible and I had very little attachment. ... More »
Ellen - Hi Michelle...artificial nails is a no-no...depending on how severe your P is , the nails lift of... More »
Michelle - I drink the cappuccino with foam, not cream and I don't drink sugar in it. Too sweet for me. I a... More »
Ruben - Hi Michelle, I have some every morning. I react quite heavily to cream and some cheeses, but Gree... More »
Michelle - Thank you Ruben. I can't eat mango unfortunately. I itch from it. Will try blueberries with...apr... More »
Sonya - Thanks will try them
June - Been in the sun my p has all most gone bring on the sun lol
Michelle - Wonderful June! Keep it going! x
john,Hulk - I wouldnt be happy sticking needles in myself either :) you know Beta blockers can trigger psoria... More »
Sarah - I have no idea! I used to use beta blockers occasionally but not since my first pregnancy 4 years... More »
Michelle - I have no idea John but one thing is for sure, I won't be taking that. Thank you.
Sarah - Not me on this one, mine was triggered by hormones, onset of first period.
Chrisb - believe mine was triggered by [..] (treatment for long term bi-polar) says P is a possible side e... More »
Ace - I was in the hospital in November 2017. They gave me vancomycin. It dried out my skin so bad. I g... More »
Susan - Amen to that! WTH is perfect BTW... LOL
Sarah - Ooo good motto
rachel - I'm reading these just before I go to sleep and it's perfect. Thank you all for such wise and won... More »
Sarah - I will let you all know what happens with the chilli yes! It may be tomorrow...
Justin - I place chilli's in my morning beetroot smoothie - apparently they have positive effect on your b... More »
Sarah - Oh dear Justin, it's such a minefield with what we should and shouldn't eat. And then the complic... More »
Clint - Lol that explains everything 🤣
Sarah - Ah no the stiffness Michelle! I think sometimes it takes a while to come through our system doesn... More »
Michelle - Yes Sarah, It sometimes show 3-4 days later but this morning my thumbs are ok. Had 2 glasses of w... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks so much Eva, Lisa & Bev! 💙❤
Michelle - Congratulations Michelle and I know you will have an awesome evening with hubby. This is a night ... More »
Sarah - Enjoy Michelle, wow what a special weekend for you. Let the good times flow! ✨✨✨✨
lisa - I'm only just learning to try n love myself..I love others strongly and would do anything for any... More »
john,Hulk - Thats nice Michelle, :) ,you know what hit me the most was my scars,pitting on my face from the... More »
Michelle - Those are indeed battle scars John. You see it everyday and it is part of you. It doesnt bother y... More »
Michelle - lol. saxxxxy indeed John. I mean it's becoming so popular and could be a fashion trend as well. D... More »
john,Hulk - hmmmm The snake man? is this an x rated film ? :)
Michelle - Oh my. Im not sure John. Never seen him in one! Lol
Kay - I agree its definitely an enemy, i was depressed and being emotionally abused by an ex, my skin w... More »
Mishlyn - ahhh yes Michelle.. mine too, absolutely. I cant watch the news anymore, Animal cruelty is s... More »
Michelle - awwwww Thank you Chris. They are so cute and beautiful. :) I'm most happy when I'm outdoors.
Michelle - Well I'm glad my body keeps quiet about the water but I know when I need a glass of wine though..... More »
john,Hulk - Not enough michelle@myshlyn, you know what cures headaches? it works :)
Chel - I stopped drinking pop cuz I noticed if I drink pop it makes my psoriasis worse
Jenny777 - How much turmeric do you put in the water?
Linda - Thanks Michelle I’m just bought Turmeric so will give it a try 😀
Robin - try to add ginger to the water and drink it.
john,Hulk - Indeed Sarah :) :)
Ruth - I could not agree more with you Michelle, I spent all afternoon with my 20 year old daughter laug... More »
David - Good point. I don't laugh enough. Always thought that when a teenager you should go to a class to... More »
john,Hulk - I was amazed on what i heard here when i first came here ,i thought, my life is great compared to... More »
Michelle - The more you give it out the merrier John. More people should know about P and social media is th... More »
john,Hulk - I agree Michelle :)
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