Michelle507 @michelle1975

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I am a mum to there great kids; and I have been a duel trained nurse for 8 years this year. I love my job but it is tiring...so this is my ‘ME’ year. I love to sing; meditate; learning new things (crochet and yoga just now) and to meet people 😊


Pippa - Yep & I got burnt! I’m unlucky tho & other I have met it’s worked for them 👍🏻
Susan - Not me. Don't really know what it is to tell you the truth. I did a couple different light trea... More »
james - My psoriasis always was at it best in the sunny months in the uk. last year after a prolonged fl... More »
Susan - Welcome to the site Michelle507. Lots of you Michelles out there. Thank the Lord for pictures. ... More »
Sophie - I live in Edinburgh let's meet when you have time if you like
Michelle507 - Hi Sophie That’s such a great idea. Will try to sort out my off duty and get back to you but wit... More »
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