Mickg48 @mickg48

Australia,Melbourne, Bayswater nth.

Hi everyone I managed my psoriasis with steroidal creams and lotions but have found out long term will damage your eyes so was told to stop. Now all hell has broken loose but I'm still not as bad as some.


Mickg48 - Hi all just had a pm from flaym Eater has been eaten gone.
Sharon (Sherry) - Not so far, but if it's a female with the name Eater, I'm thinking I won't have that problem! =)
Flaym - Booyah! 👊
Kim - I already tried that Mick!
Mickg48 - Kim did it work I looked at Bobbys profile pic he is sitting in a luxury car wearing an expensive... More »
Nan195 - Nothing puts a man off a special, beautiful female xo
Janice - Mickg48, I tried acupuncture about 27 years ago when I broke out with pustule psoriasis on my han... More »
Susan - Mickg48... You know you make me laugh... Just have to make sure you are clear on that. LOL... La... More »
Sonia - yes i have mirrored image, where ever there is a patch on my right side the same one on the left.
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