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Rosey - Mine is scarring all over arms, from severe psrioasis, but I go short sleeved now, it's faded a b... More »
A - Hi Rosey, sorry to hear that. I am not bothered by what other people moght think or say. I am w... More »
Rosey - I have multicultural things happening on arms, that's OK, mottled colors, but not inflamed or sca... More »
john,Hulk - Hahaha i see,Thank you Millionways i am sure you are too :) , very kind of you to say that :) We... More »
Michelle - Well in this weather I'm only wearing swimsuits. My next door petrol station havent seen me with ... More »
A - Thanks. I had a great christmas. Happy new year to you too.
A - Lots of Islands here too😄. Could make a treasure map..
john,Hulk - I am glad we are artistic with this :) i could colour in my little white flakes too, this is gett... More »
Michelle - Sounds like we are becoming toddlers again lol.
A - Thanks psomom, I think I asked this question against all knowledge. I loved this cream and then f... More »
psomom - One can dream 😀😀
Sarah - Not me, I'm OK with those things but I don't eat peanuts because of the lectins. I'm not allergic... More »
Rosey - Maybe it can get you down,been there alot in last two years,I avoid showering for as long as I ca... More »
Deleted account - If I am honest 😄🤣it has in past stopped me from doings lits , getting g involved with women , and... More »
A - Thanks for being honest Chris. I am glad you changed thrue out the years. Wisdom comes with age 😉... More »
Erica - @Millionways let us know what your findings are once you are done researching your family history... More »
A - I will let you know.
A - Together with my doctor we explored a lot. I must say we could not find a link between my kidneys... More »
Jen - Oh and I forgot pet hair as well. That makes me very very itchy and sneezing.
A - Hi Jean, its hard when they cant figure out what the problem is. Do you think its food or somethi... More »
A - Hi Dale, is something confusing you? Can I help?
Rosey - Haha,doesnt matter ,just a quick change of name just to be safe,not that there's anything to worr... More »
James - Yes, it's easy to change your name.
Rosey - Haha@conan the librarian.
Sarah - Best thing for it Million! Trying to understand it. My p is so much better since I started thinki... More »
A - Michelle I dont take omega 3. I take a suplement with different kinds of vitamines for skin, hair... More »
A - Sarah, I think we might never understand the whole thing. If we will that would be amazing big. ... More »
Sarah - Yay to the appearance of normal skin! I had a few good patches like this, but they're slowly fill... More »
A - Thats a pitty Sarah, I hope it will go up for you again. I am happy for now and when it will go ... More »
Sarah - Good for you Million, it's great that you are maybe prioritising it more with Flaym on your side!... More »
Catherine - My cats stay with me when I'm not well ... my old cat used to lick my P wounds when they were r... More »
Catherine - Animals are so intuitive when humans are struggling both physically and mentally .. I wouldn't b... More »
James - They must know when we're ill. A friend of mine takes really bad two or three day migraines, all ... More »
Damien - Hey Millionways. I had a funny moment at a family party my brother-in-law saw red spots on my ... More »
A - Sarah, childeren are very open. I love that. They just ask: whats on your skin? Does it hurt? A... More »
A - Damien, I will keep that in mind! Saying its contagious. If you bring the google part seriously t... More »
Michelle - Sorry Million. I meant Empath. Me...a lot Empathy? To people who really suffer yes. To animals? D... More »
Mishlyn - I am the same Michelle. I resonate highly with being an empath 😊❤
Sarah - I don't know what I am! But I was always a sensitive child, and think I am quite sensitive now as... More »
Mishlyn - That is nice to hear that the word is being spread that psoriasis is more than a skin condition. ... More »
Sarah - Millionways, welcome to Flaym! I have a very restricted diet right now as I'm doing a total elimi... More »
A - Hi Sarah,that is a lot. It is a search of whats good for you. Hang in there. I hope it will work ... More »
Jen - I can't eat tomatoes and other nightshades. It's uncanny but when I do a grocery shop the things ... More »
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