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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer

Susan - Michelle you go girl!!! Being reminded of how we DON'T want to live is a good thing. We all are... More »
Shane - Nice thanks for the info:) thats great news
Michelle - Thanks Shane! I feel the Omega 3 High EPA is really helping tremendously! I hope you are well! ... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input! At one point I thought they were the same thing..lol
Dianne - Is this site on facebook?
Michelle - Yes Diane :) You can follow Flaym on FB :)
melissa - i kindly Ivory lavender body wash.. it does ok it does feel calm you skin.. hope it work on you
Michelle - Ok, so this weekend I have decided to be brave by using the canabis soap. The canabis dries the ... More »
Lynn - Lol @dancing green men. Michelle I just started using the CBDz Hemp oil. That’s apparently used ... More »
Michelle - I always make sure I don't get bored with what I eat. I like pasta, baked potato with grilled chi... More »
fern - Juicing sounds like a great idea!!
Sarah - I really couldn't be without my daily juice now! Saw my dentist yesterday and she was really posi... More »
Michelle - That's really great to hear Mike! One of the first steps of energy healing is being open to it. A... More »
will21 - yes Reiki big in Bay area and Cali in general . Also big here in Santa Fe Watsu big at Harbon H... More »
Teresa - yes i would love to try it
Michelle - Susan I believe it is pretty much moringa oil that I have. :)
Susan - Thanks Michelle. I just can't find it. I'm not too savvy when I search stuff. Will keep lookin... More »
Nan195 - All the best Michelle that it works perfectly for you and others ❤️🌹
Victor - This happens Michelle especially with Steroid medication because of the complications caused by o... More »
Suzanne - Yes many times
Rhonda - Yes, and this is aggravating to me. If I am paying for insurance what should it matter when I re... More »
Susan - Good for you James. You really can never have enough vegetables, in my opinion. You know I limi... More »
James - As long as I can make some kind of packed lunch that would be good Susan. I'll pm you my email ad... More »
Susan - You bet James. You know what I used to pack for lunches when I worked in dentistry. A big ziplo... More »
Derrick - Yip always
Melissa - The picking for me does....
Michelle - Thanks Susan! I will check him out! 😊
Don - I believe it is self acceptance, or the coquiring of ...I hate to say it....but it's a desease...... More »
Nan195 - So so true Michelle and Susan...Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re ... More »
Susan - Michelle you are right. Visualization is a big deal. I've said before the quote from Wayne Dyer... More »
Michelle - Aww Susan, that is tough. You are too beautiful as a person and soul to remain invisible. 💖 If h... More »
Susan - Michelle I haven't heard of those treatments. I have heard of Reikki though. Never did it. Hop... More »
john - hello mishlyn, i get it on my front private parts,i have always had it there though steroids did ... More »
Nan195 - ❤️ and hugs Mishlyn, heal and feel better soon. Every one of us does our best and that’s what yo... More »
Janice - Lots of hugs to both you Michelle and John. I really believe I was misdiagnosed about 3 years ag... More »
Nan195 - Hi Mishlyn, I’ve not heard about it yet...things go slower here on Africa. All the best 🌹
Susan - Good for you MishLyn... Sometimes I see posts about many of us saying we have to enjoy life once ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Susan...😀😂😂🌹
Michelle - I understand that feeling Susan! I have two of my best friends, my sister and now I just grabbed ... More »
Sarah - That's great MishLyn! About the moringa... I've asked about it at my local health food shop and t... More »
Michelle - The best to get Sarah is raw and organic and no fillers. The container I have is 240g. I would sa... More »
Nan195 - Hello Mishlyn, Intetesting Post and good responses too, John and Susan back at you both for the... More »
Jolene - I was on steroids for a year and a half. I was tapered a Mg a month and every time I got to 7 mg ... More »
Paul - I'm glad you said you were on them Jolene (past tense) . :)
john - haha,that made me chuckle susan on that last line haha, you had a rare breed in a doctor susan be... More »
Susan - John I think I was just blessed to see that doctor. He was definitely ahead of his time. Fast f... More »
will21 - and after it goes through your digestive system, it reaches the unknown.
Nan195 - Hi Everyone, thanks for your interesting responses 👏🏻🌹
sandy - since few months ago I'm facing this too... I still couldn't ask my doctor why?
Jeri - I get these all the time when I carry a shopping bag on my forearm. I blame steroids ans nsaid
Sarah - Great question! I try always wear cotton and smooth fabrics against my psoriatic skin, and then p... More »
Bob - The weeping usually will not stop unless you put a small piece of toilet paper on each spot and l... More »
Paul - I avoid wearing anything that close too the skin tight pant and shirts...anything course I don'... More »
Bren - Lorna yes you can find 10000 iu of D3 in like certain grocery stores. I found mine at Frys but n... More »
Bob - Anxiety & stress are self imposed. Train your mind to not allow any of it.
Sarah - Hi Lorna, if you're in the UK you can get 10,000 D3 from a site on line called bodykind 😊 I get a... More »
Michelle - I will definitely be googling fermented pickles!! Thank you Susan :)
Susan - MishLyn when I was hospitalized awhile back I was given steroids, when I was realeased and came h... More »
Susan - Susan good for you. Them steroids are a quick fix, but then there is getting off of them. Just ... More »
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