Michelle @mishlyn

Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer


Michelle - Thanks so much everyone! It has been great but super busy! Work is amazing! Thanks Michelle!. I... More »
Clint - Michelle is on the move and don't let the grass grow under her feet...😎
rachel - It all sounds wonderful 🤗
Michelle - Hahaha Jannie! OK, I'm over 40, can't we make it women over 50? The picture you sketched is defin... More »
deborah - Over 50 Hurts Michelle. LOL When does a cougar start really? 50 is the new 30... so ....hehe
Jannie - Yeah I'm over 50 also Michelle so shall we make it 60. I've obviously lived in some rough places.
Rosey - You will be ok Michelle,way lots happing for you,stay positive a nd stay you!
Rosey - Happening,argh wish I had a computer again,can spell sometimes,it will all work out Michelle,believe
Mavis - It will turn out ok Michelle and like Jen said it will give you the extra time to relax and 're-e... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Haha thank you Michelle, i can see the excitement in that Michelle for sure :) i am only joking ... More »
Michelle - Lol. We all get by with what we have. I just want long hair. You're never negative John and I lov... More »
Glenn - I look at myself in the mirror and immediately think " my god man, youre a handsome chap 😂, but s... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone! The bumps have settled, with only one tiny spit remaining. I think lack of sleep... More »
Clint - Yes that can be stressful
Jane - Michelle....Sleep seems the answer to a lot of problems...pleased to hear bumps have gone.
Michelle - Thanks everyone for the insight & tips! I have been so busy & cleaning a lot... without gloves...... More »
Sarah - So glad you date came through for your therapy Mich!💚💚💚
Bev - Oh well timed. Enjoy Michelle
Michelle - I do the same as Rita and let it stay on through out the day. Let us know how putting it on at ni... More »
Ruben - I'll try this weekend and end of next week (have some days off then which will make this experime... More »
Ellen - I have to just rub the lemon on ..my body cannot handle the acid... I writhe in pain ... it attac... More »
Mavis - Stressful time moving Michelle I know when I moved 16 years ago the rubbish I got rid of was unbe... More »
Michelle - Thank you! 💕 I have been using copaiba essential oil both topically and orally. Are you using t... More »
rachel - Thanks Michelle. I practice aromatherapy so I have some copaiba, I will blend some and start usi... More »
Barry - Michelle- thanks for the information . I will be trying this ASAP. I am getting thin on my sca... More »
Michelle - I hope it can be helpful for you Barry! After finding the recipe, I researched it more about aloe... More »
Sarah - Sounds absolutely amaaaaaazing.... got to make me some...
rachel - "No is a complete sentence" … I'll remember that. Thanks Susan and the Michelles, good luck to t... More »
Sarah - Love that quote Mish! My biggest struggle with p has been trying to get to the bottom of what my ... More »
Clint - Sarah is rebooted and texting really fast LOL 😁 amazing what a week of world travel can do...Italy
Bev - Thanks Rita
Jane - Fingers crossed it works....will look forward to hearing your results
Sarah - Ooo fascinating, keep us posted!
Jane - I’m coming round to the idea that covering up is to cover my embarrassment so if I can get over t... More »
Ava - You got it, Jane!!!
Sarah - As often as I can when the weather allows! Unless I am looking super flakey, then it takes that e... More »
Michelle - Aww Pegge, I am so grateful to have you and everyone else here as well ❤ I said to my husband th... More »
Jane - Totally agree...in the short time I’ve been part of this forum I’ve realised I’m not a freak and ... More »
Sarah - Absolutely, positively! I can't imagine how I ever managed 20 years of psoriasis without Flaym.
Michelle - Thanks so much everyone ❤❤ It has been such a relief, huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I ha... More »
Mavis - Happy Canada day Michelle and lots of happiness is wished for you and your family in your new hom... More »
Ellen - Congrats Michelle... Im sure you are over excited to be on your own again .....All good things co... More »
Mavis - Well done Michelle that is such good news. Sometimes your children can give you that confidence p... More »
Michelle - Awwww bless them. Michelle, you have the most adorable little boys and not only that, they are go... More »
Michelle - Such kind words everyone ❤ Thank you so much! We have been swimming everyday since 😃
Susan - Absolutely Michelle. I think it was Wayne Dyer who said "You are what you think." I just watche... More »
Ava - My daughter and I were just speaking about this with regard to a friend of hers who thinks negati... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle. I have always been a positive person (and yes I had my days when I felt depressed bu... More »
Rosanna - I had a severe vitamin D deficiency and noticed an improvement after being prescribed by my dr. I... More »
Ava - Note that your body needs Vitamin K in order to process D-3 vitamins.
Sarah - I've had some good results too from vitamin D analogue creams Rosanna. Hope your skin will respon... More »
Michelle - We have too much on our plate anyway to worry about what other's think of us. I'm like an old lad... More »
Sarah - Hey Mish! That is so great you enjoyed your lovely weekend away. Yes I agree I think if we are re... More »
Lynn - I agree with the state of mind and our anxiety levels! Happy that you had a wonderful weekend! :)
Heather - Yes our bodies do change throughout life. We adopt allergies and shred them. I’ve noticed new all... More »
Michelle - I cant eat tomatoes at all Mich. Havent eaten any in 4 months or so. I just play it safe.
Sarah - Me too I'm a long time "nomato" person. Haven't touched one in more than a year. Maybe 18 months ... More »
Sarah - Yes it has interfered with my job a few times. I was a waitress whilst I was at university to pay... More »
deborah - Yes Michelle; I was working in graphic design for a real-estate company. My position was "re-stru... More »
Michelle - Guesd they were all high from the smell. Lol. Ive never had problems with using coal tar. I got s... More »
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