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Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer


Millionways - I inhereted the psoriasis from my dad. We talked about p and gave each other advice about the cre... More »
Rita - It’s actually not legal yet in Canada. Cannabis legalization including CBD is expected this summe... More »
Michelle - I hope so James! Hopefully they can gather enough research to understand the great benefits for s... More »
Sarah - I've heard so much about CBD oil too! And have heard more today in the news about the boy who use... More »
rachel - Hi Michelle. Alcohol and coffee are my 2 most difficult things to give up. I have enjoyed too m... More »
Michelle - Oeh Rachel, sweet white wine will kill me. I stay with dry red but I hope the 50th was awesome? I... More »
Sarah - I will be having one glass of red wine tonight too after a long day. I think one is enough for me... More »
Justin - No, it dries but you have to wait for a little while before you put a top on IT MAY PUT MARKS IN... More »
Michelle - That's why there is ultraclear black & white and it dries within a minute. No looking like you're... More »
Justin - ha ha ha!
Michelle - I use Foot works. It's an overnight treatment. I also sleep with socks on especially during winte... More »
Ellen - Michelle is the FootWorks from Justine...I used to use it too but now I just use Organic Coconut ... More »
Michelle - Hi Ellen. I bought mine at Dischem. I don't use Justine's products as most of it are scented. Coc... More »
Michelle - Thank you Michelle and it is so true. I just want my P to be as "well as it possibly can, for as ... More »
Sarah - Manage it, manage it, manage it! Yep. I never think of "cure" either. I'm just looking for minimi... More »
Debbie - I wish there w as a cure, managing it is hard for me! 😢
Drum - Dr D’Adamo is the best! I’m Type O+ Non-Secretor and Hunter genotype. Eat Right 4 Your Genotype w... More »
Nan195 - I'm O- I avoid grains except Brown Rice and Rye, very little Dairy too. Lots of Rooibos Tea 🌹
Heather - I’m also O+, interesting idea.
Karin - I see you are reading Wayne Dyer. How about Eckhart Tolle? My heart is with you, it will test yo... More »
Michelle - Ahhh yes :) y'all are so right. So many blessings along the way. I need to shut down the worry ... More »
Michelle - I have read one of Eckhart tolle's books, thanks Karin! The Power of Now 😊 I should pull it out ... More »
Michelle - Thank you so much Friends!! 💙💜💙💜 xx
john,THE EASY RIDER - You are great Michelle, One of the best ,:)
carol - I have to agree and be very grateful for all the info and support received on this site. Thanks ... More »
Michelle - That is Awesome Jon! I just found it for the first time a few months ago, I love that you have ca... More »
Michelle - Michelle, I wanted a couple of days off from school as well but I will never rub poison ivy all o... More »
Michelle - Lol.. I would never do it now!! 🤣🤣 I wish I could go back in time and knock some sense into that ... More »
john,THE EASY RIDER - yep, mozzys love me too, think they like the taste of psoriatic blood,i hate the things, hope th... More »
Michelle - The itch is bad for me too, I got some bites on my feet and it was driving me crazy last night. I... More »
Pegge - Psoriasis became real after approximately 120 -130 yellow jacket stings..That sent my immune syst... More »
Sarah - Love the tshirts idea! We need some Merchandise, Flaym! 🔥🔥🔥
Michelle - Love it!! Lol 🤣 There are tshirts for everything else, so why not! Great ideas!
Clint - I am just flakey... What's your excuse... Psoriasis
john,THE EASY RIDER - Indeed Michelle,A Clear skin will never understand our joys :)
Sarah - I think whatever feels good to you is the right things Michelle! For me personally I wouldn't use... More »
Dakeyras - Good for you Michelle re your clear arms... I am pleased for you lass! :)
El - Yes I am Photosensitive have lenses in my glasses that go dark like sunglasses ...Not a good look... More »
Ellen - When my doc diagnosed my P ..one of the things he said was that I was to stay out of the sun..and... More »
Dakeyras - I am photosensitive a tad eye wise compared to when a lot younger. You can actually be so with yo... More »
Elaine - Shawn, am almost out of battery power! Will read this as soon as I can! Pegge, for many years I ... More »
Bev - Wishing you strength in your quest Elaine
Elaine - Thank you, Bev :) Isn't everyone on here AWESOME??!!!
Ellen - My toe nails are so thick and yellow i would love to have them out in the sun but dont like the l... More »
Michelle - I have found a big improvement in my nails, skin and hair since starting Omega 3 with a high epa ... More »
Ellen - Havent done metal file will try omega 3 with high epa a shot. The nails are so sensitive be scar... More »
Michelle - I notice that too James. Mainly with things that I google or websites I go to. Hidden marketing, ... More »
Sarah - I have to admit I found Flaym through one of those facebook ads so I can't complain totally!
Ruben - The add worked :)
Michelle - Thanks so much everyone! 🌼 Sarah, when you say being yourself and not covering up for others.. it... More »
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Michelle
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Sarah
Shawn - Hippeas (pea protein snacks) - organic, gluten free, diary free, gmo free - they come in differen... More »
Susan - For me Michelle I think it's almonds... Especially as of late. My boyfriend always has a big bag... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! 😃
eva - After three days of applying lemon to my elbow , my skin is not as red or itchy. Lemon WORKS!!!. .
Norma - Is it not marvelous when something actually works! ❤️😃🙏🏻
Michelle - It sure is Norma!! Great to hear Eva!! Happy it working well for you too :) Sarah - that makes ... More »
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