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Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer


Elaine - Shawn, am almost out of battery power! Will read this as soon as I can! Pegge, for many years I ... More »
Bev - Wishing you strength in your quest Elaine
Elaine - Thank you, Bev :) Isn't everyone on here AWESOME??!!!
Ellen - My toe nails are so thick and yellow i would love to have them out in the sun but dont like the l... More »
Mishlyn - I have found a big improvement in my nails, skin and hair since starting Omega 3 with a high epa ... More »
Ellen - Havent done metal file will try omega 3 with high epa a shot. The nails are so sensitive be scar... More »
Mishlyn - I notice that too James. Mainly with things that I google or websites I go to. Hidden marketing, ... More »
Sarah - I have to admit I found Flaym through one of those facebook ads so I can't complain totally!
Ruben - The add worked :)
Mishlyn - Thanks so much everyone! 🌼 Sarah, when you say being yourself and not covering up for others.. it... More »
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Michelle
Mavis - Have a fantastic weekend Sarah
Shawn - Hippeas (pea protein snacks) - organic, gluten free, diary free, gmo free - they come in differen... More »
Susan - For me Michelle I think it's almonds... Especially as of late. My boyfriend always has a big bag... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! 😃
eva - After three days of applying lemon to my elbow , my skin is not as red or itchy. Lemon WORKS!!!. .
Norma - Is it not marvelous when something actually works! ❤️😃🙏🏻
Mishlyn - It sure is Norma!! Great to hear Eva!! Happy it working well for you too :) Sarah - that makes ... More »
Don - wow...that is a huge step...a big step .. don
Mishlyn - Thanks Don, it really did take me by surprise. Was not expecting that at all..lol
Susan - Wow Michelle... 4 hours! Good for you and a great experience. I'm now at an age where I am almo... More »
Rich - It's easy to loose control when times become hard or stressed.. We all have our ways to fill our... More »
lisa - go easy on yourself, your only human and we all slip out of self care now and again..i destress b... More »
Mishlyn - Music and singing always seem to help soothe me too Lisa.. Although sometimes I forget about that... More »
gwen - Well may I say have just used Vaseline 3 parts with lemon and it seems to be working, however wen... More »
Norma - Slowly coming to learn to cope with psorious Arthritus. Trying lemon juice with bicarbonate soda ... More »
Mishlyn - That is so great to hear Gwen! Thanks for sharing! Hi Norma, I hope you are getring on okay w... More »
Jen - I hope you will enjoy lots of sunny days Michelle@mishlyn. Nothing better than to shed all those ... More »
Mishlyn - That is the truth! Thanks Jen! ❤ It has been a long winter! Flakes ❄❄I can say without a doubt, ... More »
Michelle - Michelle. The sun will do you good and enjoy it. I think the reason why my skin clear up so quick... More »
FlakyChica - The turmeric works BETTER with the Black Pepper. fact
Sarah - It does! But only if you can tolerate it. If I could tolerate it I would add it in like a shot!
FlakyChica - The Turmeric pills come with black pepper in them. I use Okinawa Triple Turmeric, I never taste ... More »
Sarah - Hmm no idea Michelle! I only get stinging in my bum crack and my other psoriasis doesn't sting at... More »
Ruben - When I'm at my dad's place my skin gets better. The tub and shower run on rain water...
Mishlyn - Good to hear it helps you John! I think my mom may add too much of the salt. She is going to try ... More »
Sarah - Great that you've grabbed some moments to read your book Michelle. My plaque p came with onset of... More »
Jade - As a small child I suffered with tonsillitis all the time so I was on lots of Antibiotics growing... More »
Mishlyn - Wow Sarah! 80%! I never realized it was that high. Good to hear antibiotics were not a cause for... More »
Meryl - Hi Michelle, Trying to keep my diet clean and steering away from wheat and dairy . Really har... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sonja, I was tested for Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA's) which are commonly found in patients w... More »
Tünde - Hi! I also have psoriatic arthritis. In Hungary, in Hungary, I do not have the doctor to do exper... More »
Mishlyn - Thank you so much Susan! So happy for you and your new adventures with your beau! ❤❤ Enjoy!!
Charles1974 - Belated Happy Birthday Michelle!
Chris - You don't look a day over 38 😉😁
Mishlyn - Good Luck Stacy!! I hope it goes well for you! ❤
Ekta - Hi Michelle! I see you're based in Ontario, me too! How do you get these tests done? routine chec... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Ekta, Welcome to Flaym! Its great to see you are from Ontario :) I got the tests done through ... More »
Mishlyn - So happy that it was an error for your Rita & your kidneys look perfect! Just goes to show, li... More »
Rita - Michelle, back to my statement about my kidney tests and how I didn’t change anything, I forgot I... More »
Mishlyn - Oh Fantastic Rita! That is really great to hear. My bloodwork shows something going on there. It... More »
john,Hulk - no i havnt Michelle, hope all goes well with that, good luck
Janice - No I haven't either Michelle, hope all goes well.
Mishlyn - Thanks everyone! Good to get it sorted, but kinda wish I could take back seeing my results before... More »
Clint - My friend is an original health nut from the 70's he made some money on aloe Vera put it this way... More »
Pegge - I know aloe vera is wonderful..I am drinking Georges Aloe Vera juice everyday...My problem is str... More »
Rita - I’m sorry to hear about your difficult relationship with your mother Pegge. Definitely stress can... More »
Susan - Oh Michelle... That would be soooo much fun! As I am in BC it's a long way. But, you know me a ... More »
Mishlyn - You Bet Susan! It would be so much fun indeed!! Have you been to Ontario before?
Clint - I was in Ontario when I was 15 loved every minute hope to return again
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