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Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer


Sarah - Love that, Mish, thank you!
Andy - Hi Susan, I agree there is a lot of information and advice from lots of lovely people. A sense of... More »
Michelle - I Love that Susan, that loving ourselves should be the past\present\future. That is really profo... More »
Chris - Took not too long but maybe that's me,they also teach you breathing exercises as well which I tbh... More »
Sarah - Great Andy good for you looking into yoga classes near you! I've heard CBT is great too Chris
Susan - Not daily Michelle but about 3 times a week. Lately with my move about 1-2. Personally I think ... More »
Susan - There's the positive Michelle. Looking at the bright side of no power. I love it! I love to pl... More »
Michelle - It sure is the best part of being a mama Susan 😃 Life can get so busy its easy to get caught up ... More »
Michelle - Another potential icestorm on its way tomorrow..not the April I have been waiting for! lol Almost... More »
Rita - Not a problem Michelle. I too need to find a good recipe for the bath. My husband likes his bubbles!
Bev - In Cape Town South Africa we can't bath anymore because of a drought we are having. I so am going... More »
Michelle - oh my Bev, sorry to hear that.. I have seen a couple of documentries about droughts in Africa, it... More »
Sarah - So glad your son is looking clear now Michelle, what a turn around. You must be very relieved!
Mavis - That's really good news Michelle
Michelle - Thanks guys! Such a relief! Don't know it was p for sure, but it was red, inflamed, bumpy with sc... More »
Rita - I don’t know about feeling ‘summer’ coming (we still have a lot of snow on the ground!) but defin... More »
Susan - Rita the only place that has snow here now, in Vernon, is the ski hill about 1/2 hour away. Stil... More »
Michelle - I wish we could get our bikes out Susan! We just got 3 inches in 3 hrs...and it was almost gone! ... More »
kay - What is the amount of each that you use and do you mix them together
Sarah - I like almond oil too, though I've never mixed anything in to it before. I haven't used any in a ... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone! I just love experimenting and learning more about natural healing Susan, I f... More »
Sarah - Party at yours, Michelle! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
Michelle - You bet Sarah! 😃 It even has a disco option to turn to strobe lights! Lol 🎉🎉
Connie - Wow....can't wait to hear more and if it helps!
Michelle - I am just so excited to give it a go! 😃 My dr will not give me anything to help ween off steroids... More »
Ellen - I will speak to my dad over the weekend and I will post receipe x
Michelle - Thanks Ellen!! 😀 x
Pegge - Michelle..I would love to see your pics..Frankly I work out every day..my red spots on my legs an... More »
Joyce - Never, I repeat never let P stop you from doing anything you want to do! Pegge has the right idea... More »
Michelle - Hi Pegge, I sent you a pm :) Good for you! I admire your strength and determination! Joyce I ... More »
Michelle - What a great idea finding a relaxation app Sarah, I will try and find one for myself. Thanks for ... More »
Susan - Michelle good for you. Life just seems to be one big friggin lesson after another. LOL. I gues... More »
Michelle - Good for you Susan, for putting him in his place! No messing with Mama Bear! Lol
Roxanne - I have learned that people don't really think about us as much as we think they do.
Michelle - Very true Michelle. Thank you for that inspirational quote.
Susan - Lynn good idea. I have a small place and my next apartment I'm moving to in the next week or so ... More »
Lynn - I have a few different recipes that I’ve picked up from some friends. I’ll see if I can get them ... More »
Pegge - I use lavender and Ylang Ylang...These are heavenly..My bedroom becomes a spa of aroma and relaxa... More »
IDA - Loved your words. It helps to read that I do some of the things and it has worked out for me too... More »
Susan - IDA I am sorry to hear of all you have had to go through. All of it is so tough. So many sad st... More »
IDA - Thank you Susan for your kind words. I know we all have played the pity pot but the secret is no... More »
Sarah - Another awesome idea Lynn! I wish I had thought of that...
Dakeyras - Every time I shave(beard) it creates a lot of problems for me...facial psoriasis may flair up...i... More »
Skyler - Shaving helps mine considerably
Bev - Rachel just by the number of people on this site that diet has helped I'd say that the research h... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Hello rachel, its not in their interest to know about diet, they treat symptoms and not route cau... More »
Michelle - Rachel I think the drs should say *according to the research acceptable to them* There is so much... More »
Heather - My psoriatic arthritis seems to flare up during stressful times.
Susan - Heather and everyone who thinks stress brings on a flare here's my spin from a course I took year... More »
Heather - Respectfully disagree. Stress is you focusing on stuff going on in your life and I know it has co... More »
Michelle - I am really thinking of becoming vegan. Also from an animal welfare point of view. I don't eat di... More »
Michelle - lol. I might smoke it while I'm at it John.
Michelle - Wow Caroline, what a difference moving has made for you! I am really happy to hear your confidien... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - i am full of bull :) i dont think it has stopped me doing new things, some old things i did as a... More »
Sarah - Ace! So glad it went well for you Mish!
Michelle - Good thing you stopped using the herbal stuff. You are lucky that your P doesn't itch. My P doesn... More »
Carol - I sent you a message with my email address so that you could send me the elimination diet that ev... More »
Susan - Michelle it could be coffee, although I have no issues with coffee but only drink 2 cups a day. ... More »
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