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Harworth, Doncaster, UK

hi all you beautiful people! I am a very proud mum to two beautiful girls (age 21 and 13) hoping to start my own business further down the line, i believe the simple life is the best life to live,one day!! lol..still struggling to accept p


lisa - They are uvb tubes not tanning tubes the same as what hospital uses for light therapy about 4 sit... More »
Steve - Gotcha, did puva yrs. ago & was assuming it was the same type of setup :)
lisa - I go on them 2 to 3 times a week and my skin clear mostly best 800 I've ever spent
lisa - Awww your so sweet michelle yeah I'm doing my room at the weekend and repainting bathroom too phe... More »
James - Painting can be really relaxing though. Send the family away for the day, get some good music on ... More »
lisa - Yeah it was not so good today fell in the shower 2 week ago n hit my head so chilling again today... More »
Michelle - Hi All. Sorry but you're not allowed to mention website names on the wall. Try pvt message rather... More »
Rosey - Waste of money, but my opinion only
lisa - Thanks michelle I'm happy to private message the company if I'm allowed
lisa - I bought a second hand sunbed and replaced the tubes with Philips uvb ones
alex - I bought a Rudy lamp with G23 socket which is compatible with UVB Philips tube. Total cost of the... More »
Carolyn Modesty - Scars on my legs shin.
Michelle - Hi Lisa, great to see you back. Get those legs out and flaunt it. Your skin will love the sun ;)
lisa - Thanks michelle oh i plan to I was gunna go with my now ex but we split he was toxic and evil so ... More »
Michelle - Yeah Lisa, no reason to stay in a toxic relationship but I'm glad you still went and took your fr... More »
lisa - Yeah I've had light treatmentertainment too over the years at hospital and am being careful thank... More »
Rosey - Let's us know how the home light treatment goes, hope it makes a difference.
lisa - I go on it 3 times a week like I did at hospital I'm at 2 minutes front and same at back not noti... More »
Clint - Sorry that's rough it's not you don't believe that you have to fight for your rights don't let an... More »
lisa - thanks Clint I'm certainly going to fight for my daughter he has no grounds to do this and ive ma... More »
Clint - Try using lemon 🍋 every few hours for a week you may be surprised
lisa - just sick of coping with this alone...want to meet people in the real world and support eachother... More »
Alan - ive just had a large flare up all over my legs but its not stopped me from doing what i want my m... More »
Sheralyn - Hi lisa I’ve got palmaplantar on my hands and feet was really bad last year been a lot better thi... More »
lisa - this has devastated me and my confidence I've even dumped my boyfriend coz I feel so rubbish this... More »
Bev - Just bought my lemons today. I will use some to rub on hubby's spots and some to have lemon water... More »
Clint - A Lemon 🍋 squeezed with honey 🍯 a teaspoon full and a cap full of apple cider vinegar with mothe... More »
Bev - Not sure about the mother part lol
lisa - I've been eating healthily for a while and it hasn't improved my p. seens as light therapy is the... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Lisa. All the best! I agree with Md, maintain a proper diet and you will see resul... More »
Clint - Good luck use sparingly
Rosey - It takes my flakes away,for duration of work,
Michelle - Good luck Lisa and keep us posted!
Clint - Go lemon 🍋
bernadette - Was it the hospital sunbeds
Steve - I found that natural sunlight was the most effective way to go, tanning beds don't put out like t... More »
Ellen - Hi Susan ... its getting nearer to the BIG DAY for you.....
Michelle - Hi Lisa. The move might be good for you. Stressful yes but think about all the positivity it will... More »
lisa - thankyou Michelle it's a much better house I walked round other evening in my pajarma shorts n to... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Lisa, how are you doing,? i hope things are getting better now ? thanks
Golly - I no it does get you down
Michelle - Hi Golly. Welcome to Flaym!
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Lisa. if you can try to get the sun, if that is okay the best you can? thanks
Sarah - Yaaa that is sad Lisa, you had your plan quashed, that's so frustrating for you. Maybe you can fi... More »
Ruben - Once a year???? Move to the Netherlands, the treatment there is free... In Belgium I had to pay ... More »
john,Hulk - Happy birthday for thursday on your 39th , i remember my 40th like it was yesterday though i did... More »
Michelle - May you have an awesome bday Lisa. The older we get, the wiser we become. I think. Lol. No care ... More »
Michelle - Its very relaxing to watch birds or animals. I love going to the Kruger Park, there are so much t... More »
Mishlyn - Ohh so nice Lisa! I am really happy & proud of you too! ❤
Chel - Happy dance for you
Michelle - Chris, you are very persistent and patient I have to say. 4 years...phew! She's a lucky girl!
Chris - I don't know what's happened to be honest Michelle , think I've relaxed with P and maybe that sho... More »
Michelle - That's great to know Chris. We are always happier when we are relaxed with our P and it definitel... More »
Jamie - Search anytime sunbeds on Google there based in Sheffield not sure what other areas they cover.
lisa - thankyou so much Jamie! I have emailed them looks like a waiting list though but I hope they deli... More »
Jamie - I was on waiting list for just 2 weeks, mine is arriving at 6pm tonight, I'm a bit nervous but al... More »
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