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Harworth, Doncaster, UK

hi all you beautiful people! I am a very proud mum to two beautiful girls (age 21 and 13) hoping to start my own business further down the line, i believe the simple life is the best life to live,one day!! lol..still struggling to accept p


john,Hulk - Thanks Michelle, Good luck mishlyn with the house renting and going back to work, hope all goes ... More »
Bev - Wishing you the best of luck with finding a place to rent Michelle
Mishlyn - Thanks so much John, Michelle & Bev ❤ I am hopeful. Making this decision not to move in with mil... More »
lisa - yeah i will update on how it goes, I'm quite used to my tan from light treatment now so wanna kee... More »
Mishlyn - That's great Lisa :) Changing our perception of things can be so helpful. Its not always easy, b... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful Lisa. I'm so happy to hear you talking positively.
Amanda - My light treatment stopped last week also and I can see the P coming back already!!!Always told s... More »
Sarah - Yes I've heard this so often about light treatment, and how disheartening it must be for you to s... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Lisa. How long do you have to wait until you can do light therapy again? I di... More »
Michelle - Wonderful to hear Lisa. Oh we do need a heater in the car right? Your poor daughter. Must've been... More »
lisa - awwww bless you lol I'm glad your well hun I have my youngest all weekend so hopefully she won't ... More »
Michelle - Thank you Lisa and have a great time with your daughter. Enjoy the weekend ! x
john,Hulk - Cool, the movie Venom will be out soon i see on adverts :) i was reading about bad foods on the ... More »
Michelle - Oh I would love to watch Venom. I'm a Marvel fan. I know that popcorn is bad but for some reason ... More »
lisa - big hugs to all of you...truly wonderful people..yes we all go through crap,some bad people in th... More »
Michelle - Beautiful lady :)
Vinay - I've had/have (i've been 99.9% clear of late) psoriasis too..what helped me cure naturally was gi... More »
Lesley - Well done this past year I have done the same, it was very liberating x
Jamie - Many thanks.
john,Hulk - You are welcome jamie, we are here to help each other ,thank you :)
Sarah - John, do you eat all veggies including tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine... the "nightshades"?
Mishlyn - I can only imagine Lisa, that will be a really hard time in life for sure. My oldest son just tur... More »
Sarah - Argh no I'm dreading it if I'm honest! Massive changes for all of you. Is it affecting your psori... More »
Lou - I found it very hard to adjust to empty nest too. My youngest lives abt 10 miles away and her wor... More »
Mishlyn - That great Lisa, Happy it is all back on track for you!
Sarah - Wooohooo😊😊😊
Sumonds (SUE) - 32 seconds for me........
Clint - Allen I have 30 years in construction had psoriasis since my 30's cured it by rubbing lemon 🍋 dir... More »
lisa - omg Allen!! thank goodness you are still here!
lisa - yes I'm nearlly 39 and i reckon I'm going through the very early stages of menopause..won't put w... More »
Ruben - Yay :)
john,Hulk - Good, my flakes on my arms is turning white, i dont stay in the sun too long,if i was going to la... More »
lisa - I'm not good at just baking in the sun..but it was nice to try n have a doze lol
lisa - been too busy to sunbathe today but hoping to for a few hours tomorrow xx
lisa - thankyou everyone for the encouraging messages x
Ruben - That's what we are here for Lisa, to support each other :)
john,Hulk - Ah its okay Sarah, i see, yes i think Lisa is very sweet and selfless too,thanks Sarah :)
lisa - Well ive put drwss n wedding stuff on groups on fb but no interest lol
john,Hulk - You could try gumtree Lisa ?, its free, i have sold many of items on there :)
Clint - Moisturizer and psoriasis is a train wreck please use lemon 🍋 until your shin can handle it
Susan - Awww Lisa... Lots of things to still try here on Flaym though. Diet, aloe vera, lemon, mind/body... More »
lisa - not many things I am able to try coz my skin is so sensitive..aloe Vera irritates me..i believe m... More »
Sarah - Oo yep, go for the water, and if you can not the pop! H2O is your friend 😆
lisa - Water makes me feel sick..and so does flavoured water, but i will need to drink it
Catherine - I drink soda water as the fizz is nice sugar or flavour can add lemon or lime .. I hat... More »
Mishlyn - So Good to hear Lisa! Thank goodness they got it sorted out!
Andy - Great news Lisa, back in the booth. 😊👍X
Sarah - Great to see you can think of the positives Lisa, here's hoping your treatment resumes OK!
Clint - Happy Thursday 😎
Andy - Hi Lisa, hope you are enjoying this lovely weather here in the east midlands. It has certainly ma... More »
lisa - thankyou I feel a lot better x
Sarah - Ah no Lisa! Get well soon!
Paul - Get well soon
Roni - How ya feeling?
Sarah - Wahoo Lisa, you are mobile!
Honey - Lucky! The app still not available in my country. Sadlife. 😄
lisa - My kids laugh at me with being so crap with technology lol
Chris - Don't worry Lisa on meet apparently New Zealand is near me 😂😂😂😂
natalie - would love that. but im in ireland..
Ruben - A bit far for me...
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