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Harworth, Doncaster, UK

hi all you beautiful people! I am a very proud mum to two beautiful girls (age 21 and 13) hoping to start my own business further down the line, i believe the simple life is the best life to live,one day!! lol..still struggling to accept p


Catherine - That's a great treat after treatment 😊... I'm looking forward to having another bit done on mi... More »
Paul - Nothing like getting some fresh ink
lisa - I know, i cant wait!!..and go for it catherine :)
Sarah - Ah no that's not what you need when you need regular treatment. There must be lots of people in t... More »
lisa - A family member works for the hospital i go to and they are in trouble prob why t... More »
lisa - Told me to ring tues to see if its fixed by wednesday,that will be nearlly 6 treatments missed co... More »
lisa - Thanks everyone but i just cant pluck up the courage to go and have stares, it would really get m... More »
Chris - I just got changed and was straight in Lisa! You can do it
lisa - Once my treatment resumes maybe i will
Sarah - That's a great goal! You will do it if you put your mind to it, which it sounds like you have alr... More »
Mishlyn - Significant indeed Lisa! Keep your vision strong! Sounds like a wonderful time!
lisa - You only live once and i want to bring back good memorys and be able to feel the sun on my skin
lisa - Sure is
john,Hulk - Thats good Lisa, i look at healthy eating as a must most of the time whether one has psoriasis or... More »
Sarah - Awesome! It may last, you never know! Keep it up!
Golly - and the same to you lisa
john,Hulk - And to you Lisa ,stay strong and less flakey,and may the flakes not be with you :)
Susan - lisa I'm very happy for you. I know that my skin is a non issue now and for that I am grateful.
Peg - That is great news Lisa! So happy for you
Dakeyras - Phototherapy treatment has never worked for me but pleased it does for you Lisa! No idea why a... More »
Sarah - Good to ask, Lisa! It's so hard to draw links between p and other stuff. I think sometimes the do... More »
Ruben - Hey Susan, that'll be the same therapy I got. Lucky my derm had a chamber with lights all over th... More »
Susan - Ruben it's actually not very good for you. I was younger then and very desperate.. It's not til... More »
lisa - I'm not thinking how unhealthy it is to be honest..I'm just incredibly grateful to the n.h.s for ... More »
Chris - I think they will understand, lots of people couldn't get out
Sarah - They do hate missed appointments, but what can you do really? It might be good to make sure you k... More »
lisa - can't seem to post much but thanks for all replys
Susan - lisa I really don't get sick anymore. I had bronchitis last year but that left quickly. Probabl... More »
lisa - i will mention it to the light treatment nurses tomorrow,see what they say
Mishlyn - That is really great to hear your skin is starting to clear up nicely Lisa 😊 Time to embrace the ... More »
lisa - the snow and food poisoning stopped me going but can't wait till I'm nearlly clear thankyou michelle
Sarah - It brings a little relief for sure! And a nice new colour to boot 👌
Susan - Aww lisa. Not sure what treatment you mean. It's tough with our kids. My daughter has Tourette... More »
lisa - my light treatment at hospital thanks Susan has it's hard glad someone understands :)
Susan - lisa I'm writing a book. I absolutely understand but I can't tell you how you feel. That's your... More »
Sarah - Lisa, that is so stressful! That's a real curve ball for you. But don't let it derail you, you ar... More »
Carol - He is not worth the stress it will cause short term - kick out the sad thoughts and enjoy your tw... More »
lisa - thankyou, I'm trying to be ok lol
Susan - Could be lisa. I sure hope you feel better soon.
john,Hulk - i never know, whether its psoriasis related or not when i get ill, not so much now though i find,... More »
Sarah - My nails are looking a bit dodge too Lisa... hope your appointment goes well! Good place to get a... More »
lisa - thankyou, all docs at my surgery are useless
Sarah - That's ace, lisa! So good that the travelling is paying off. Do you have a plan for when your tre... More »
lisa - I'm hoping it will keep at bay till after my wedding and honeymoon in october
lisa - so I don't, only when the itching is unbearable
Sarah - Oh wow! Gosh I moisturise all. the. time. We are all so different!
lisa - yes it's crazy how we all differ with treatments
Mishlyn - I have heard that to be helpful for some Lisa. You would want to make sure it was a phototherapy ... More »
Sarah - I've thought about getting a sunlamp in the past but was always put off by skin cancer dangers...... More »
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