Mj @mj

City of Angels, Central Luzon, Philippines

A single mom of two beautiful boys.. been through a lot but won't let pso bring me down. I just got this a few months ago but im positive that I can get through this with God's guidance and from the love from y'all. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜˜


Val - Hi Mj, so happy this is working for you. Did you know that all those items in your infused water ... More ยป
Psoriatic4good - I usually boil fresh sliced ginger and some 3-color freshly grinded pepper with some hibiscus tea... More ยป
Jack - I'm gonna have to try this out!
Dianne - The very best and most effective treatment is to treat the symptoms empirically, i.e. as an outbr... More ยป
Jack - Have to second the responses about diet. Eliminating the junk/gluten/dairy did wonders for my P!
Susan - Diet and lifestyle changes. Lots of practice of living in the moment. Music, exercise and I pra... More ยป
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