michael @mycsisters

Spokane, WA, USA

Dealing with P for 18 years.


Rosie - I usually stick headphones in. When I walk past people these days I always look down or stare str... More »
michael - I usually feel anxiety when I’m around people in such an enclosed proximity. You are right, Star... More »
john,Hulk - Yes, When abroad, i wear dark sun glasses to discuise my self,Seems silly i know, seems to help ... More »
michael - No kidding? I want to live there!
john,Hulk - you still pay for prescriptions etc, healthcare comes out of taxes etc, i had my hurnia operation... More »
Sarah - My private health insurance in UK will pay for UVB, but not immunosurpressants. I'm on waiting li... More »
michael - Diet check, lifestyle check in progress. Moringa? What's that?
Susan - michael Moringa is a supplement of pure moringa powder that is from a plant called the Miracle Tr... More »
Mike - ask your doctor if there is something he recommends
Paige - I have it on my scalp too and tanning is the only thing that works on the Other spots on my body.... More »
Sarah - Welcome Michael! I'm glad you've found something that is effective for your scalp. I'm in UK so n... More »
john,Hulk - you could try haggling for discount :)
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