Debbie @nanna2fifo

Cheltenham, UK


Stefany - I order from Bluebird botanical. Works great, and reputable source. I also use Turmeric, and oreg... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Debbie, I get mine from a licensed producer in Ontario. Although I want to look for a differen... More »
Debbie - Stefany thank you. How much do you take. Just CBD oil with no hemp?
Sarah - We are strong, yes! Well said Debbie. So glad you got an outcome you're happy with. Onwards and u... More »
john,Hulk - yep, the force is ssstrong ,,,, in this one :)
Mishlyn - Great to hear your appointments went well for you today Debbie! It sounds like a good solid plan ... More »
Debbie - Where do you get it from? Worth keeping in reserve 😀
Sarah - I'm totally getting some Lacura then, Debbie. Wanted to try avocado oil! Thanks!
Jim - I'm in Australia and I get it from the chemist it's got Salicylic and benzoic acid in it it works... More »
Patricia - What a bloody git , hate bullies xx
Orlaith - Mine started about three years ago, perimenopause was kicking in. Stress is a huge factor I think... More »
Mishlyn - Mine started with the stress and devastation after loosing my grandmother. Stress is a big factor... More »
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