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Limerick, Ireland


Sarah - He's 2. I'm like that too I think!
natalie - Aww my son turned 1 in January there so funny at that age.
Susan - Hang in there Natalie. You've come this far. I guess we get to ride the rollercoaster of life. ... More Β»
natalie - thats good dave..πŸ‘
dave keyes - Sorry forgot to ask Natalie how's your son doing?
natalie - He's a lot better thanks. He's very tired tho.
Ruben - Been giving it a shot for a few days as well. Looks promising. I drink lemon juice every mornin... More Β»
Michelle - I've only been using it for 4 days and it's already doing a great job.
Sarah - This does sound amazing everyone! Good for you giving it a go! Clint the lemon man is on a roll h... More Β»
john, DARTS VADER - Ebay, where i got mine, like as you say sue not a miracle but no cream is in my opinion, just a ... More Β»
Karena - Tried it on my son and it made him worse
john, DARTS VADER - Thats the trouble Karena, a lot creams etc can make it worse, they are a band aid solution, not ... More Β»
Ruben - Drank some last week. No additives, only pineapple for taste. Bit strange due to the pulp, but I ... More Β»
Susan - Never saw them natalie. If they don't have tons of chemicals then why not. I have this psycholo... More Β»
Sarah - I haven't tried it but I would! I'm used to drinking water kefir every day so I guess this wouldn... More Β»
Sarah - Where are you starting from with your diet change Natalie? I think if you are starting from a not... More Β»
Breda - Find apple cider vinegar helps scalp leave on till dry then sampoo as usual
natalie - Thanks breda
Michelle - awww cute natalie.
leanne78 - Hahahahaha got to love kids πŸ˜‚I have trained myself to open cake and eat it without them even gett... More Β»
Susan - Natalie that's funny. Gotta love what comes out of the mouths of our babes.
Chris - Now now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Des - Using the childs farm grapefruit and tea tree one atm and its pretty good compared to the other m... More Β»
Michael - I’m using the shower gel and moisturiser but can’t notice a difference because I am having a bad ... More Β»
Michelle - A human day, I really like that James :) Try not to beat yourself up Natalie, enjoy yourself an... More Β»
Michelle - Sounds delicious Natalie. The wine I mean....;) By the way, one has to let your hair down now a... More Β»
Susan - James is right. Not a bad day, just a human day. Nobody eats perfectly all the time. Be good t... More Β»
natalie - haha jus kidding..
Paul - Literally πŸ˜‚ lol, have 3 step kids 8 grandchildren probably what caused my condition lol πŸ˜‚
natalie - i agree. πŸ˜‚
natalie - thanks danielle.
gary - Cheers I’ll give it a go Danielle
agb - Don’t be discouraged. It will take a while for the tough scales to loosen. My scalp calmed down... More Β»
Michelle - Hope it goes well for you Natalie 😊
Lindakay1948 - Wrap your head with saran wrap to hold all that oil in a more intense way might help a lot
Sarah - Grease it up, baby! πŸ’œ
Sarah - Yay glad the oil helped you loads, I hoped it would as I know it really helps so much for me. I'v... More Β»
James - Just remember, one's for rubbing on your scalp and one's for drinking. Don't get them mixed up.
Jayne - As far as wine goes surely it is one of your 5 a day ( its got fruit in it !!!!!!! )
john, DARTS VADER - Hello sue, can be with some, its not just alcahol that can set people off as we know , dairy,sug... More Β»
natalie - dakeyras. your a bad influence haha. 😜
Sarah - Haha. That wine is hard for people to give up when it is ingrained in habit. I seriously believe ... More Β»
natalie - thanks sarah..
Dakeyras - Quick easy tip for the scalp...include some oily fish in your diet include a few time... More Β»
Lindakay1948 - Hello this morning from the High Plains Desert of Nevada Darlin' I know this may be somewhat Yuc... More Β»
Julie - Has anyone had any success in treating scalp psoriasis m and what was used ,please ? X
Ruben - Swimming, but seborrhea and P keep me out of the pool (Psoriasis, not pee..)
Michelle - Yes definitely. It gave me a very low self esteem. Permitted me from wearing the clothes I love t... More Β»
Ruben - For a second there I thought we'd have a Star Wars/Star Trek war on our hands :D
john, DARTS VADER - Haha, i like both star wars the original trilogy and star trek the original series so,i wont hav... More Β»
Ruben - Flakey Flaym Wars :)
Michelle - Oohh so exciting! I miss those younger years and cuddles, lol. It really does go too fast. Enjoy!
natalie - thanks ladies
Chris - Good for you, amazing what we think we see but kids don't care at all
Michelle - So good to hear Natalie! Sometimes it can be hard getting out of a funk. Children and play can be... More Β»
Sarah - So many people report mood swings when changing diet / eating plan. It does have a big effect. I ... More Β»
MariaL - When I'm so stressed, I search horror movies in Youtube or in any other movie sites, it can carri... More Β»
Susan - natalie all I know is that stress is not good for any of us with any autoimmune condition. I did... More Β»
natalie - Thank you Susan..
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