natalie @nataliemc

Limerick, Ireland


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jon @jon5

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Claire @clairec375

Livingston, United Kingdom

I love my 2 kids, wine F1 and hubby in that order 😁😁😁
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Riffat @riffat
I m 30 year old, mom of two smart kids and at times i feel like a 60 year old...
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John @john9541

Londonderry, UK

Love traveling. Sunshine.
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Wendy @wendy1671
I’ve had P since I was 17 and PA for the last 3 years. So far treating P all ...
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Walt @walt1

Newton, NJ, United States

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popeye @el1

London, UK

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Sarah @sarahuk

United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...
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Jason @jacemc

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Hannah @hannah4515
I am a single mam to 2 beautiful children . Molly who is 15 and junior who is...
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Richard @richardcvx

Coventry, United Kingdom

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Desi @desi

Dublin, Ireland

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Tim @tim5

Brattleboro, VT, USA

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Becky @beck125
I dont know what too say.
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Anna @annaloyd1994
Well just found out I have nail psoriasis! Ughhh!
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eva @ev1

Lakewood, CA, USA

I was diagnosed April 2, 2018 . It's has been tough dealing with it. Since ...
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SiennaD @siennad

London, United Kingdom

I’m 13 and I have psoriasis all over my body
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