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Limerick, Ireland


Sarah - Yay glad the oil helped you loads, I hoped it would as I know it really helps so much for me. I'v... More »
James - Just remember, one's for rubbing on your scalp and one's for drinking. Don't get them mixed up.
Jayne - As far as wine goes surely it is one of your 5 a day ( its got fruit in it !!!!!!! )
john,Hulk - Hello sue, can be with some, its not just alcahol that can set people off as we know , dairy,sug... More »
natalie - dakeyras. your a bad influence haha. 😜
Sarah - Haha. That wine is hard for people to give up when it is ingrained in habit. I seriously believe ... More »
natalie - thanks sarah..
Dakeyras - Quick easy tip for the scalp...include some oily fish in your diet include a few time... More »
Lindakay1948 - Hello this morning from the High Plains Desert of Nevada Darlin' I know this may be somewhat Yuc... More »
Julie - Has anyone had any success in treating scalp psoriasis m and what was used ,please ? X
Ruben - Swimming, but seborrhea and P keep me out of the pool (Psoriasis, not pee..)
Michelle - Yes definitely. It gave me a very low self esteem. Permitted me from wearing the clothes I love t... More »
Ruben - For a second there I thought we'd have a Star Wars/Star Trek war on our hands :D
john,Hulk - Haha, i like both star wars the original trilogy and star trek the original series so,i wont hav... More »
Ruben - Flakey Flaym Wars :)
Mishlyn - Oohh so exciting! I miss those younger years and cuddles, lol. It really does go too fast. Enjoy!
natalie - thanks ladies
john,Hulk - good natalie :)
Chris - Good for you, amazing what we think we see but kids don't care at all
Mishlyn - So good to hear Natalie! Sometimes it can be hard getting out of a funk. Children and play can be... More »
Sarah - So many people report mood swings when changing diet / eating plan. It does have a big effect. I ... More »
MariaL - When I'm so stressed, I search horror movies in Youtube or in any other movie sites, it can carri... More »
Susan - natalie all I know is that stress is not good for any of us with any autoimmune condition. I did... More »
natalie - Thank you Susan..
john,Hulk - Night night sleep tight dont let the flakes itch all night :)
MariaL - Have A beauty rest Natalie😴
Mishlyn - LOL John 😃 Sleep well Natalie!
dave keyes - If you can handle it rub olive oil into it and leave as long as possible before washing it out
Madmum007 - Try Coconut oil, remember when it comes to washing out oil , put your shampoo onto dry hair, or ... More »
MariaL - Hi Nat, please try mineral oil or coconut oil , i have been using it for a long time , everyday ... More »
natalie - totally agree. i have used it on my head before but i was using it to stimulate hair growth. if u... More »
Sarah - Love it to eat, and have tried it on scalp, but when I've used it on my body skin I've always fou... More »
natalie - ya it is greasy. be careful not to use too much. i just wait till my kids are in bed i put it on ... More »
natalie - wow thats what you call will power. fair play to u. givin up the cigs was probably the hardest. w... More »
Susan - Natalie breaking old habits is never easy, but thankfully they are doable. Hang in there. Even ... More »
Susan - Not sure what diet you are doing Natalie but the one I sent out allows for coffee, but black.
Debbie - I also use tanning bed. Works so much better on my skin verses phototherapy that made a mess of m... More »
Deleted account - it was used for depression and arthritis as well
natalie - they definitly clear up the psorisas and yes they are bad for you along with nearly every thing e... More »
natalie - haha no i just peeled him off ha. he was asleep. i was carrying him to bed..
Mishlyn - I bet that was a sweet moment..sticky..but sweet :D
Sarah - Haha aww a Vaseliney hug. How sweet! 💜
natalie - im goin to continue with vitamin d and add in curcumin aswell. xx
natalie - hey maresa
natalie - ya definetly. i think its good for them to have a break from us aswell.☺
Nicole - my kids have another week off, got 4 at home
Sarah - Me too my kids got another week off for school holidays! So far so good, but think I'll be ready ... More »
Kevin - The only down side to been Irish is the lack of vitamin D with not much sun. Thank God for supple... More »
natalie - whats the new drug dave.?
dave keyes - [...]. 3 weeks of (1) tablet daily supposedly loosens ps from skin and then phototherapy in regio... More »
Mishlyn - That's great Natalie :D These days there so many things that are not good for us..every where you... More »
Michael - Ya I tried them aswell hopefully I’ll see some results
Sarah - Good to try what works for you Natalie! 4 mins is a long time!
Mishlyn - So glad it gave you some relief Natalie!
Sarah - Got to do what you've got to do! We'll do anything to get rid of flare ups won't we...
Sarah - I think I have some small pustules on my scalp, which has previously been plaque psoriasis only, ... More »
natalie - ya mine are very sore aswell. do u reckon mine was braught on by illness
Sarah - I couldn't be sure but it is certainly possible!
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