Nicola @nicola12349

Manchester, United Kingdom


john,Hulk - ah nice nicola, i wish my girlfriend would take me on holiday, shes such a tight a.s though :)
Claire - Lucky ladies with your supportive husbands! Enjoy your beach trips.
Dianne - I live near the beach, but my Celtic skin has heaps of skin cancers scattered among the psoriasis... More »
Mishlyn - Gluten & Dairy
Cherie - Given up Diet Coke and drink rice milk smoothies. 💅🏻
steve - Oddly enough, I began consuming more sugar in my curing process. Granted it was minimal amounts ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome Aboard Nicola, Marie & Emma :) Great to have you all here!
Cherie - Welcome Nicola🌺
Sarah - Welcome everyone! Glad you found us. Keep posting!
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