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Scalp P, cured nail P and body P.


john,Hulk - Hello nikdm, That takes me back to when i was very little with the nit comb, Yes it was steel com... More »
nikdm - Hey I wanted to ask, every time I move my hair, little white particles fall down, is this p or da... More »
john,Hulk - I used to have what looked like dandruff and lumps aswell,the lumps can let flakes out, I dont ge... More »
Michelle - True, I did say that as well nikdm. Meany moons ago when I got P on my scalp (that's where it sta... More »
julie - the itch drives me crazy on the scalp any ideas
Bev - I just saw my post again it was meant to read My hubby has it on one toe. Stupid predictive text Lol
Michelle - hahahahahah Bev, I knew you were talking about your hubby so I had a good chuckle. Your hairy bab... More »
Bev - Lol Michelle maybe that will be my new nick name for him
Michelle - I've never had scalp P that bad. I used to get a few spots only but not bad enough to look like d... More »
deborah - some lemon with coconut or olive oil might help. It's messy and you'll have to shampoo after.
john,Hulk - Hello nikdm, if you are new here welcome to flaym,Pulling it out sorts mine out but not advised, ... More »
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