Nikki @niksam

Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed bound and only leave the house for hospital appointments. My partner and my Son keep me going.


Mishlyn - Good for you Nikki! It is important to remember to do things for ourselves, I am happy to hear yo... More »
Darwin michael - always wanted to get a tattoo. but my dermatologist is against it. he said it will just turn to a... More »
tony - I lost my partner 3 months ago..i would like a tattoo of her name on my arm..when i googled it..i... More »
Sarah - Ah no Nikki, so devastated to hear this for you. Those side affects are so scary and I really hop... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Nikki,I hope things will get better for you
Mishlyn - I hope your appointment went well Nikki and things are looking up. How are you feeling?
Sarah - Really hope that is the start of something great for you! You really need that break. All fingers... More »
Mishlyn - That is so so great to hear Nikki! Keep holding that hope tight!❤
Susan - Well Nikki hope is the best thing. I know any change is better than none. Certainly hope this i... More »
Mishlyn - My fingers are crossed for you Nikki, that the immunosuppressant's work their magic! What do you... More »
Paul - Don't apologise every subject should be talked about openly and honestly, It's a very valid quest... More »
Helen - Sorry to hear what you’re going through. I also have genital p although my case is mild. Initiall... More »
Sarah - Oh that's a surprise for you then! But great that you've got a new treatment option on the cards.... More »
Michelle - Hi Nikki. No sorry, I have never used any autoimmune medications but I'm open to new treatments. ... More »
Nikki - Thanks for the suggestions. As I’m in bed so much, I really do like to feel fresh and smell clean... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Nikki, you could always use an essential oil that you like and mix it in with creams, gels, so... More »
Nikki - Ohhh that sounds great! I really need to have a good look at my options. All my shopping is done ... More »
Nikki - Really Sarah?! SO many questions lol. How? Why? Does it really help?? I’m game for anything.
Sarah - Yes absolutely! It works just like talcum powder to dry the sweat up but it has no perfumes or an... More »
Susan - Nikki Sara called it corn flour. I think it's the same as what we call corn starch. I used it o... More »
Deleted account - I just shaved my very long hair off a week ago. I'm not happy about it, I am finally not in tears... More »
Sarah - I haven't shaved my head with it but I did go from shoulder length to pixie crop a few years ago.... More »
Ellen - I haven't shaved my hair but have cut it really short so I can manage with oiling & treating it d... More »
Nikki - Bloods being done this morning, in time for my Dermo on Monday. Fearing the worst and hoping for ... More »
Sarah - Good luck Nikki, keep us posted how you get on!
Nikki - My anaemia is worse than it was 6 weeks ago. My Hb is down to 8.8 and my iron has gone up a tiny ... More »
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