Nuds @nuds

London, United Kingdom

Always strive to be happy.


john,Hulk - Yes its the uk weather the joy of it Nuds,yes i am good thanks, no problems here ,i go in the sun... More »
Genevieve - I'm downunder, as they say, so summer is just starting for us - yayy! I've been swimming in the s... More »
Michelle - Hi Rina. John has given you the best advice on how to start. It might seem like a lot to take in ... More »
Janice - Hi Rhina I agree totally with the advice John has given you. I've done much the same as he has an... More »
Michelle - I agree Janice. We dont always realize how important diet changes are.
Mishlyn - 🌞🌞 Gotta Love those healing sun rays! 🌞🌞 Enjoy Nuds! I hope your wish comes true! 💜
Ione - I am love the summer My psoríase love the sun and I feel happy.
Sarah - Good to see you Nuds! Not too much zapping now 😉
Mishlyn - Try not to beat yourself up Nuds. I know steroids are not the greatest, but if it can help calm d... More »
Sarah - Hey Nuds! No shame in using the creams from time to time. I really believe that the best thing is... More »
George - Having one of them days too Nuds :/ stay strong.
john,Hulk - welcome to flaym nuds,many ideas here to help your condition, sorry you are angry
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nuds. It is such a rollercoaster at times. Ride it, and come up the other side!... More »
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