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NuggetsMcr (Klo) @nuggetsmcr

Manchester, United Kingdom

"Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you" "People will stare, Make it worth their while"

michael - You are blessed and lucky and I hope it always stays that way. God blessMichael
Susan - NuggetsMcr that's a good thing. You truly are blessed.
Nan195 - I’m happy for you Nuggets 👏🏻Take care 🌹
Susan - Don good advice. Heck, it can't be undone anyway. Depression is usually living in the past. Ju... More »
Nan195 - Will read your book from cover to cover Susan, it’s going to be a good one 🌹
Susan - Nan195 that's sweet. Might change your perspective on me. LOL... I've done some things that wou... More »
Robert - Eat dark chocolate🤔
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - I like dark choc but not too much of it lol! And i think ill pick some aloe stuff up next time im... More »
john - yes i know what you mean about the coconut oil nuggets,if i put too much on my face , i look like... More »
Diane - 29th March. Ditto the moisturising info.
Aggie patricia - 23rd Sept, where my Virgo's @! :-) :-) Winter is not a thing in Uganda this hydrating is my thing.
Trevor - good morning from Lancashire my D.O.B 30/12/1953
Dave - Sorry to hear that nuggets, I think we all have our own, and sometimes, others crosses to bear..l... More »
john - hello nuggets, i know where you are coming from about the red face,what i am going through,sorry ... More »
Gail - Sorry Klo, I hope tomorrow is a better day, and the only tears you shed are tears of joy and happ... More »
john - can you get these creams over the counter in a pharmacy james or nuggets for dermatitis,i dont wa... More »
James - John, the stuff I had came from a script but it was that far back I can't recall the name.
john - thank you james, i will pop into the pharmacy and ask, anyhting is worth a try i think thank you :)
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Well the only patchy places are on my face, i dont quite fancy rubbing banana peels on my face lo... More »
Janice - Yes, I have heard of that but never tried it myself as I can't stand the smell of them.
Dave - There is one of the over the counter products in a green and yellow box that my doc once told me ... More »
john - try turmeric nuggets, see if that helps you, capsules or powder form, worth a try ,
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Thanks everyone, ill be sure to get in the docs when i can! Got to wait a while as changing homes... More »
john - great nuggets, its a start :)
john - the answer is to me, love yourself and people will love you,i am glad you are confident in yours... More »
Charmaine - Doubt it Nuggets
Kathie Lukas - See if you are facing psoriasis problem then I can suggest you a product which I use on daily bas... More »
Flaym - Small hick-up in the internet tubes 😀 Next time please email us directly with questions or techni... More »
Susan - Nuggets I think it might just be a glitch. You can message them though in the square box on the ... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - My bad, Yeah i forgot about the little blue box lol.
Don - Sorry for all the correct is not my friend
Kim - I can tell you that when I am clear I am a different person to when I am covered
michael - It has made me a better person. more understanding of other people who are suffering I now thin... More »
Janice - Good Luck and wishing you every success.
Susan - NggetsMcr (Klo) I think that's terrific. Hold on tight, use your relaxations skills, and enjoy t... More »
john - hello nuggets, good luck ,hope all goes well :) :)
john - yes, psoriasis has got a mind of its own I think sometimes, you know I made big changes over mont... More »
MishLyn - Hi nuggets, I have had great results with Bio oil helping to blend my skin tones 😊
Susanne - I had ultraviolet light treatment by my dermatologist which cleared up the spots but left brownis... More »
darren - Nuggets how did you achieve this?
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Literally all i started doing was moisturising every day and having a positive mind, the change o... More »
Susan - Nuggets I love the positive mindset. With all the information out there now it is imperative to ... More »
john - thanks nuggets, good you have cut back on bad foods, I know its difficult,why I say, its a choice... More »
Dianne - Hi everybody! I too have been away from the hurly burly of Flaym conversations: Back to the Uk... More »
Susan - Diane look up Cushing syndrome... Steroid use over years is not good. Anywhere you use it will l... More »
Gyanendra - Hey nuggetsmcr.... I was also 70% on my body... Take a lot treatment but didn't cure... now I am ... More »
Mavis - Same here. I just keep my legs moisturized as much as possible.
Desley - Pure organic unrefined coconut oil. Not only feels great on the skin but has cleared even the mos... More »
Cheryl - Good on him!!!
Meg Julia Erica Cayapos - ohh... i will try doing it. Why not?
Victor - Did your treatment involve a series of injections Andrew?
Rosemary - I use Natural Instincts problems.
Emma - I dye my hair, it doesn't irritate it 😃
Jan - I had a semi perminant colour this weekend, it did sting...a lot but I got there in the end and I... More »
darren - I think that would be a good idea
Flaym - Not on our roadmap currently. But we're looking into it ;)
Michelle - Where can I find the app?
Sheri - I Use DHS I get it at Riteaid and it works for me.....I use it once a month usually.....more ofte... More »
Delinda - What is DHS Sheri ?
Sheri - @Delinda DHS is a Pyrithione Zinc 2% therapeutic shampoo (I've only found it at Riteaid)
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